Pressure + Invisalign

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Is There an Alternative to Correcting an "Open Bite" with Braces? (photo)

I have an "open bite" of my front teeth which causes uncomfortable pressure and strain on my lips. I tried invisalign hoping this would... READ MORE

Is it normal for your teeth to feel very loose while using Invisalign?

Is it normal for your teeth to be loose enough to move with your finger with little pressure while using Invisalign? I am referring to my very crowded... READ MORE

What Do I Do when I Haven't Worn my Invisalign Braces for a Couple of Weeks?

I recently lost my Invisalign braces during a very hectic schedule of my college life as mid-terms was coming and I focused on them instead. After a... READ MORE

Tray 1 Day 4. Is it possible that my teeth have already moved to where they need to be with these aligners?

Today is my 4th day with my invisalign, I had experienced quite a bit of pressure and sensitivity on day 2, and not so much today. Is it possible that... READ MORE

Loose tooth on retainer 16/31. Should I be worried?

Saw my hygienest/dentist the other day and when cleaning my lower teeth she became concerned. She implied that there was significant movement and that... READ MORE

With Invisalign, Will Two #4 Rubber Bands Apply a Lot of Pressure to my Jaw?

I have had my jaw joints replaced with metal and have little to no movement of my jaw. I am in the process of getting Invisalign and was told I would... READ MORE

I'm on tray 7 out of 10 in my Invisalign treatment. I accidentally put tray 7 in a day early. Will this cause any harm?

I wore tray 6 for only 13 days. I felt some more pressure with tray 7, but not too bad. I just want to make sure this will not cause any negative side... READ MORE

Invisalign patient: am I suppose to "bite down "on bite ramps?

.I am in my refinement stage . I was given 5 more sets to wear which include bite ramps behind my upper four front teeth. They are comfortable but was... READ MORE

Self intruding posterior teeth when using Invisalign

I'm a 28 years old girl. I started invisalign to correct my slightly crooked. Besides, I have too much maxillary height. My ortho said it would... READ MORE

Lost refinement aligner. Is it ok to advance?

Im currently on my refinement aligners but lost one set (upper and lower). I was on set number 8/16 and only wore it for 1 day before I lost them. Is... READ MORE

Invisalign, Difficulty Taking Them Off?

I have 18 invisalign attachments and it makes my life so difficult to take them off when needed. sometimes it put extra stress on my front teeth when... READ MORE

Froth in the front of top aligners, aligner doesn't feel like it's exerting pressure on the second day.

I think my top aligners may be loose. When I press the front of them while they're seated on my teeth, the entire tray tilts backwards and separates... READ MORE

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