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Why is my Aligner Loose in my Mouth?

I've been wearing my new tray for four days now, and one of the aligners has just become loose on one side of my mouth. Is this normal, or am I... READ MORE

Trays Are Getting Loose 6 Days After?

Hi, I'm new to wearing invisalign and just got my trays 6 days ago. When I first got my trays they were tight, but now the trays are loose both top... READ MORE

I Still Have my Right Canine Tooth, I'm 16 and It's Pretty Loose. Should I Get Invisalign?

So, I still have my right canine. (from my point of view) I'd like to get Invisalign to make my teeth a bit more straighter, and get that perfect... READ MORE

Invisalign Feels Loose?

I have rubber bands on my invisalign and on one of my canine teeth I have a rubber band that hooks on to it. When I put in the tray, it feels a little... READ MORE

Invisalign liners feel loose after 2 weeks?

I have recently begun my invisalign treatment, and have noticed that after two week my invisalign liners feel loose and almost worn out. The issue... READ MORE

Is it okay if the end of a new invisalign tray is loose?

I just opened up my second tray, out of 17, and the end on the top left side is extremely loose. When I bite down I can feel it move, like there is... READ MORE

Aligners seem looser after just 5 days?

When I initially got my aligners five days ago, they fit tightly and flush to my gums. I had a slight lisp and that's about all. Now, five days later,... READ MORE

I decided to reuse my Invisalign. The bottom set is loose in the back but tight in the front. Do I need a new set?

When I was 18/19 I got invisaligns. Its been about 10 years since I've worn. My upper tray fits perfectly. But ALL of my lower trays fit tight in the... READ MORE

Is This Best I Can Expect from Invisalign?

I was referred to an ortho to evaluate two lower incisors that were loose due to occlusive trauma. I had braces as a child. My teeth were still pretty... READ MORE

Gap between Invisalign aligner and end of a tooth on second aligner. Is that okay? (photos)

Am on second aligner. First felt like it fit perfectly. Second feels looser (easier to take on and off). There is a small gap between one of my front... READ MORE

Loose Invisalign at the End of the First Week of Tray 4?

I am at the end of the first week of tray 4. The back left of the invisalign is loose (popped up slightly and not hugging teeth). Chew-its have not... READ MORE

Should the second tray of Invisalign teen be a little loose on the top left side?

I have Invisalign teen. I wore the first Invisalign set for 3 weeks and 4 days because one of the compliance indicator blue dots completely faded... READ MORE

My new top tray feels very loose! Any suggestions?

I have been wearing my trays very well, and I just switched into my 4th tray yesterday but the top tray is not tight at all, and the ends kind of hang... READ MORE

Can I change my Invisalign aligners if they are still tight after two weeks?

I'm on my first tray of Invisalign. My top aligners have been loose since the end of the first week. After 10 days, my bottom aligners are very loose... READ MORE

Cracked Essix retainer. My next appointment is in 4 weeks so I was wondering if it's likely my teeth with shift before then? (ph

Hi. Ive got an Essix retainer on top and I cracked it on the weekend, left canine, while trying to take it out. I wear it 24 hours a day. I've moved... READ MORE

Just started invisalign treatment. I still have my baby canine teeth. Will my adult canine teeth be exposed during treatment?

I am in my late 20s. The doctor said my baby canine teeth will be fine during the treatment. I am afraid my unexposed adult canine teeth will shift... READ MORE

My Invisalign is feeling loose. Is this a problem?

I'm on my last tray of Invisalign. I put it in and it feels loose on the upper left side (around my molars). It pops off a little. I can even push it... READ MORE

New aligner feels loose on the back of my teeth on day 1. Is this normal?

My new aligner that I changed into 23/44 on day 1 fits loosely around my upper back teeth like I am easily able to take the aligner out from there.... READ MORE

How long is too long to wear one Invisalign tray? (photo)

My orthodontist has me wearing my first set of invisalign trays for 2 months. I felt activation for the first two weeks then no pressure at all. He... READ MORE

I got my Invisalign aligners on 12/04/14. It is my first time wearing Invisalign. Is it normal to have pain for 9 days? (photo)

Today is Dec.12 and my teeth still hurt. Is it normal to have pain for 9 days?? Also, on side of my bottom aligner feels looser than the other side.... READ MORE

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