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I Got a Filling Today and Invisalign Isn't Fitting Right? What To Do?

Yesterday I went in for a bi-annual dentist visit and was told that I have a cavity between 2 teeth on the upper left side. Today I went back, had it... READ MORE

Filing Vs Tooth Extraction For Invisalign

Hi , I'am planning for invisalign treatment to improve my teeth alignment, my front teeth are protruding effecting my smile . I have taken... READ MORE

Will I Be Okay to Wait Until my Treatment is over to Get Cavities Filled, As my Orthodontist Says?

Because of feeling no pain,and b/c last dentist check up i had years ago came back clear,i went to ortho first.Got my digital images done and made... READ MORE

Can I Get a Filling After I've Received my Invisalign Aligners?

Can i still get a filling on the side of my moler? i already got my aligners but now i found out i have cavity on the side of moler. Can i still get a... READ MORE

Took Impressions and I Need a Filling. Will This Affect the Aligners' Fit?

Hi, I haven't got my first aligner yet, but they've taken my impressions and have sent them off. I have bad filing that I'd like to get... READ MORE

Will Invisalign Work with Large Tooth Fillings? (photo)

In january i had impressions taken for my invisalign. Before they came back, I chipped/broke my front tooth halfway off and had to have a filling to... READ MORE

Filling and impressions - same day different dentists?

My daugther has an appointment for 3 fillings in the morning and impressions for invisalign in the afternoon. Will the impressions pull out or damage... READ MORE

Getting fillings half way through Invisalign treatment.

I recently visited a dentist and it turns out I have 5 cavities that need filling. I intend to address this problem sooner rather than later, so... READ MORE

Close gap and align teeth: Will Invisalign or Clear path work for me and close my gap? (photo)

I have a frenulum between my front teeth, I have always had a gap about 1.5mm. I fell of a bicycle when I was 10 years old and chipped both front... READ MORE

Is invisalign better than lingual braces for weak teeth,by weak I mean that I've quite a lot of fillings, prone to cavities etc.

Hi, Despite taking good care of my teeth - flossing +brushing x 2 day, good electric toothbrush, taking vit d & k, calcium I've a lot of fillings.... READ MORE

Will fixing this bite issue interfere with my crowns & fillings? I'm going for Invisalign. Do you think it will help my issues?

Can someone explain what is written in my consultation overview? It says that I have an underbite. Since my upper teeth is over my lower teeth,... READ MORE

Would filing bottom sides of two front teeth help reduce the gap in between two front teeth? (photos)

I don't like the gap between two front teeth. Invisalign didn't fix it and nightly retainer doesn't. I think filing at the bottom of two front teeth... READ MORE

Should I get a filling during my Invisalign treatment?

I am 3 months into my invisalign treatment and I have recently experienced some minor sensitivity to temperature and sugar in a top molar (#15). I had... READ MORE

I want to fix my teeth gap without braces (photo)

I dont want to wear braces. If i go for any filling methods, will that increase the size of the teeth and will that look odd? what are all the other... READ MORE

Pain while using Invisalign. Should I discontinue use?

Month 5 Invisalign Gum disease treated before started, have several large fillings and extractions 3 weeks ago ortho advised change retainer weekly... READ MORE

What to do when small decay is becoming apparent from the over crowded teeth now getting straight?

I am on tray 18 of 35. As my crowded teeth have moved small areas of tooth decay are becoming apparent that the crowding was hiding. Should these... READ MORE

Should I adjust high filling after I finish my Invisalign treatment? Impressions already were taken.

I have one filling that's been high since it was replaced in April. It's been adjusted twice and although its improved, it's still slightly high.... READ MORE

What to do after cavity fillings with invisalign?

I'm currently on tray 23 of 41. I went to the dentist for a regular check up/clean up this morning. I find out I have two cavities on my last back... READ MORE

Can invisalign buttons melt?

I heard that ordinary tooth fillings can melt easily above 130 C. What about invisalign buttons?(or are they made of the exact same substance?) READ MORE

Will Invisalign help my overjet and large front teeth? (Photos)

I'm trying to decide whether I should be saving for invisalign or ceramic braces. I have a fair overjet and my front teeth seem rather large compared... READ MORE

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