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I Got a Filling Today and Invisalign Isn't Fitting Right? What To Do?

Yesterday I went in for a bi-annual dentist visit and was told that I have a cavity between 2 teeth on the upper left side. Today I went back, had it... READ MORE

Filing Vs Tooth Extraction For Invisalign

Hi , I'am planning for invisalign treatment to improve my teeth alignment, my front teeth are protruding effecting my smile . I have taken... READ MORE

Will I Be Okay to Wait Until my Treatment is over to Get Cavities Filled, As my Orthodontist Says?

Because of feeling no pain,and b/c last dentist check up i had years ago came back clear,i went to ortho first.Got my digital images done and made... READ MORE

Can I Get a Filling After I've Received my Invisalign Aligners?

Can i still get a filling on the side of my moler? i already got my aligners but now i found out i have cavity on the side of moler. Can i still get a... READ MORE

Took Impressions and I Need a Filling. Will This Affect the Aligners' Fit?

Hi, I haven't got my first aligner yet, but they've taken my impressions and have sent them off. I have bad filing that I'd like to get... READ MORE

Will Invisalign Work with Large Tooth Fillings? (photo)

In january i had impressions taken for my invisalign. Before they came back, I chipped/broke my front tooth halfway off and had to have a filling to... READ MORE

Filling and impressions - same day different dentists?

My daugther has an appointment for 3 fillings in the morning and impressions for invisalign in the afternoon. Will the impressions pull out or damage... READ MORE

Getting fillings half way through Invisalign treatment.

I recently visited a dentist and it turns out I have 5 cavities that need filling. I intend to address this problem sooner rather than later, so... READ MORE

Close gap and align teeth: Will Invisalign or Clear path work for me and close my gap? (photo)

I have a frenulum between my front teeth, I have always had a gap about 1.5mm. I fell of a bicycle when I was 10 years old and chipped both front... READ MORE

Would filing bottom sides of two front teeth help reduce the gap in between two front teeth? (photos)

I don't like the gap between two front teeth. Invisalign didn't fix it and nightly retainer doesn't. I think filing at the bottom of two front teeth... READ MORE

Is invisalign better than lingual braces for weak teeth,by weak I mean that I've quite a lot of fillings, prone to cavities etc.

Hi, Despite taking good care of my teeth - flossing +brushing x 2 day, good electric toothbrush, taking vit d & k, calcium I've a lot of fillings.... READ MORE

Will fixing this bite issue interfere with my crowns & fillings? I'm going for Invisalign. Do you think it will help my issues?

Can someone explain what is written in my consultation overview? It says that I have an underbite. Since my upper teeth is over my lower teeth,... READ MORE

I want to fix my teeth gap without braces (photo)

I dont want to wear braces. If i go for any filling methods, will that increase the size of the teeth and will that look odd? what are all the other... READ MORE

Should I get a filling during my Invisalign treatment?

I am 3 months into my invisalign treatment and I have recently experienced some minor sensitivity to temperature and sugar in a top molar (#15). I had... READ MORE

What to do after cavity fillings with invisalign?

I'm currently on tray 23 of 41. I went to the dentist for a regular check up/clean up this morning. I find out I have two cavities on my last back... READ MORE

Can invisalign buttons melt?

I heard that ordinary tooth fillings can melt easily above 130 C. What about invisalign buttons?(or are they made of the exact same substance?) READ MORE

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