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Is It OK to Keep Wearing Cracked Invisalign Tray?

My bottom Invisalign tray just cracked while I was taking them off for dinner. I am on day 11 of 14. Also, two days ago the bottom tray didn't... READ MORE

Why Did my Invisalign Crack?

I'm using Invisalign teen, and one of my aligners is starting to crack near the gum line, between two teeth. It also has colored spots/wear indicators... READ MORE

Crack in Invisalign Tray. Can I Use Superglue to Fill the Crack?

I have a small crack in upper tray which I need to wear as a passive tray for another 6 months, while completing lower treatment. Can I use superglue... READ MORE

Will this crack/tear on the aligner stop my invisalign from working? (Photo)

I'm on stage 3 of refinements for Invisalign. I'm on day 5 of this upper aligner when it cracked on the right hand side at the back. I am very careful... READ MORE

Could Yesterdays New Set of Invisalign Aligners Have Caused the New Cracks in my Teeth?

I just received my third set of Invisalign aligners yesterday and they were the most painfun yet. I told the assistant that i even felt pain in my... READ MORE

My Invisalign Has a Really Big Crack and if I Take It off It Will Probably Break. Can I Put On the Next Set Early?

Ive worn it for 10 days so far, should i switch to the next set of trays, because im only 4 days away from switiching to them? READ MORE

Single tooth pain with Invisalign. Wondering if I have a cavity, or a cracked tooth, or if it's just the aligners causing pain.

I am on tray 9. I have a really bad tooth pain on my last molar on the bottom left. It only hurts when I chew on it and its really excruciating. To... READ MORE

Is Invisalign to Blame for my Teeth Issues?

I Have Experienced Many Problems with my Teeth, Cracked Roots, Etc.,  As I mentioned above, I used Invisalign braces for about a year when I... READ MORE

Hairline Crack in Clear Retainer. Still in One Piece. Will It Still Last for Awhile?

My orthodontist's office is closed today however I do have an appointment in a few days. I've had my clear retainer for a month now and I just noticed... READ MORE

HELP! What do I do if my Invisalign tray cracks? Should I have a replacement made, or should I continue to wear this tray?

Not sure how it occurred, I'm assuming possibly by removal, but my Invisalgn tray is cracked near my second to last upper molar (the crack is also... READ MORE

Slight crack on my Invisalign upper retainer. Should I keep wearing it or get a new one? (Photo)

My retainer cracked just a little. I was wondering if I should keep wearing it or get a new one. The crack is nit very visible but I placedon't my... READ MORE

54 yo female, nearing the end of 3rd set of aligners, when a previously unknown cracked back molar caused an abscess. (photo)

How will we determine which set of aligners to restart my treatment on, once this whole situation is over with? (My aligners will have not been worn... READ MORE

My Invisalign aligner broke and I am supposed to wear it for over two weeks longer. What should I do?

My last Invisalign tray cracked so my dentist recommended that I move onto the next one five days earlier. Today (3 days into the tray) the dog bit of... READ MORE

The top tray of my Invisalign cracked. What I'm supposed to do now?

I'm not getting new trays for another three weeks, and when I put both in the farthest part to my side falls out READ MORE

My Invisalign cracks. Can I use the one before?

While waiting for the refinement on Feb 5th, I was wearing my last tray (the 26th) of invisalign as retainer since last December. As doctor suggested... READ MORE

Is it possible to get cracks in teeth from Invisalign or Propel?

I've completed my first set of Invisalign (18 trays) with Propel and am awaiting refinements. After getting my attachments taken off and my teeth... READ MORE

Side of mouth cracked and split. Is it normal for Invisalign to cause this?

Hi, I am on tray 1/13 and after week one the side of my mouth/lips have cracked an split. Each time I remove my aligners my mouth splits again. I have... READ MORE

Invisalign retainer pops off on back teeth right side. Is this normal?

I am currently on my 8th out of 17p air of invisalign. Almost all of them except the first few could be popped off with my tongue. But only the bottom... READ MORE

Cracked Invisalign Tray - will it have a detrimental effect on my treatment?

I am on tray 3 and the tray has a crack between my right central incisor and right lateral incisor. Will this effect my treatment? I was supposed to... READ MORE

Cracked tray. Should I get a new tray?

I have been wearing tray 13 for 6 days and the tray has developed a crack between the left central incisor and lateral incisor along the posterior... READ MORE

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