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What Can I Do About the Constant Urge to Chew on my Invisalign Trays?

I have this constant urge to chew on my plastic invisalign trays. My jaws are always clenched and I am always chewing/grinding. Especially after the... READ MORE

Is the inability to chew using your back teeth with Invisalign attachments (to the backs of a patient's teeth) normal?

I am on my third set of tray and today I had to VERY large wedge-shaped attachments put on the back side of my upper two front teeth, to fix an... READ MORE

Can you overuse aligner "chewies"?

I recently started Invisalign and when I received my first set of trays, I was also given a few plastic sticks called chewies. My dentist told me I... READ MORE

Open Bite after Invisalign. Can you reassure me?

I finished my first round of Invisilign, and my back teeth did not touch, only my front teeth. This caused problems chewing. Now I'm on my refinement... READ MORE

Cannot chew properly after invisalign treatment, what can be done? (Photos)

I have started invisalign treatment 19 trays ago (2 weeks per tray) and just finished it, but now I cannot chew properly especially on the right side,... READ MORE

Unable to chew with Invisalign attachments. Is this normal?

I wore the my first tray for 2 weeks with no attachments, and today I just got my second tray, and the attachments on. I have 3 on each side of the... READ MORE

Can Invisalign crack my crowns?

Hi I have four crowns on my top front teeth. Now I need to do invisilign as the crowns are grinding down my bottom teeth due to my over bite. Im also... READ MORE

Inability to chew on one side of my mouth?

I am 30 years and have over the years chewed only on one side of my mouth. i believe i have an over bite on the side that i cannot chew on. the lower... READ MORE

Mouth not centred; what to do? (Photos)

2 years ago when i wake up from my bed my mouth hurt like being punch(wrong sleep i think). At that time im having hard to eat, open mouth ,chew and... READ MORE

Correct way to use chewies?

I use chewies several times a day, usually just by biting them a few times after popping my trays back in - to make sure they feel slotted into place... READ MORE

The uppers & lowers molars are independent and the gap between molars is even wider after Invisalign. Is this normal? (photo)

Reason for braces: no molar contact. On tray 11 of 24, front teeth are straighter, but still no molar contact yet. Is that OK? Top front teeth... READ MORE

Do Invisalign buttons change the way you eat? (photo)

I got 9 buttons glued on today and received my first tray. I went out to dinner tonight and couldn't eat my food. A button on a bottom tooth is... READ MORE

Invisalign not fitting properly in the inner teeth.

So this is my third tray of my invisalign, but since the first tray when i start wearing them i can feel that my inner most teeth on the bottom right... READ MORE

Will Invisalign refinement correct my bite problem?

I just started my invisalign refinement period with 27 trays. However, my bite is very much off at this point. My teeth are not touching each other... READ MORE

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