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How Can I Take off my Invisalign Without Alot of Pain and Sometime Bleeding?

I've just started using invisalign but whenever I take it off to eat I'm in alot of pain and I sometimes bleed. I have 2 attachment on my top teeth... READ MORE

Gum bleeding with Invisalign?

I just got Invisalign and it's the forth day in, and my bottom left tooth by the gum is bleeding a little , is it normal to have minor bleeding ? READ MORE

Invisalign Retainer Very Tight and Difficult to Remove?

2.5 years of wearing braces, the DDS. crafted an invisalign "retainer". This appliance is so tight, and It is incredibly difficult to remove. In fact,... READ MORE

Is It Normal for my Palette Behind Central Incisors to Bleed on my 1st Week of Treatment?

It is the first week on my invisalign treatment and i've noticed the toothache subside little by little. Unfortuanately the top of my mouth behing... READ MORE

Is it normal to experience gum irritation with slight bleeding between teeth? (Photo)

I am on tray 14 and have never experienced this before. There is irritation in the space between 2 teeth and when I remove the tray, it bleeds... READ MORE

Invisaline tray fitting issue and very loose tooth. What should I do?

I am on my last tray 10. Since day one the right side of my tray never fit. (When I bite down the tray moves up and down my dr solution to this was to... READ MORE

Can shifting my crown with Invisalign cause bleeding?

I got a crown after a root canal procedure more than 5 years ago. Since February 2016, I started wearing Invisalign braces. This week when I switched... READ MORE

Metal wire behind lower front teeth.

I had my attachments removed today for Invisalign. Now my doctor put a piece of wire behind my teeth and my tongue is cut and bleeding from the wire.... READ MORE

I'm on my first Invisalign tray. It's been almost a week and my gums still bleed when i remove the trays. What's wrong?

I overheard my dentist saying I've a class 3 overcrowding. Just got my 1st tray about 5 days back, out of a total of 40 trays with 22 attachments.... READ MORE

Can invisalign solve my problem? (Photo)

I have overbite and severe crowding as you can see in the pics. My parents took me to orthodontist when i was young but i always hated metal braces.... READ MORE

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