Injectable Fillers Videos

Lip Augmentation vs. Fillers: Which is Better for Your Lips?

Dr. Camille Cash describes augmentation of the lips and how lip filler goes an incredibly long way in getting the most out of your unique lips. VIEW NOW

Botox for Frown Lines Demonstration

Watch as Dr. Edward Fruitman shares a video of a female patient receiving Botox treatment for frown lines. Treatment is performed by Yulia Baevsky, RN. VIEW NOW

Lip Plumping Non-Surgical and Surgical Options

Dr. Marc Pacifico shares several option to enhance your lips, improve their shape, and add volume. VIEW NOW

Fix Nasal Bumps and Humps Without Surgery

Dr. David Mabrie answers a question about treating nasal bumps non-surgically using dermal fillers. VIEW NOW

Is Lip Augmentation Reversible?

Dr. Amir Nakhdjevani discusses the factors that go into the possibility of reversing results from a previous lip enhancement, which is a procedure that adds volume to lips either by permanent lip implants or injectable lip fillers. VIEW NOW

Juvederm Lips Injections Natural Results

Dr. Hardik Soni shares a before and after example of a past patient who was able to achieve natural-appearing results for fuller lips with one syringe of Juvederm using the cannula technique. VIEW NOW

Treating Indentation in the Cheek Caused by Infection

Dr. Amiya Prasad reviews a woman's concern about an indentation in her cheek after infection. He explains how the tissue was lost after the infection, and how fillers factor into the treatment for the tissue-loss. VIEW NOW

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Eyelid Surgery vs. Brow Lift for Deep Set Eyes and Facial Sagging

Dr. Amiya Prasad reviews a question regarding whether a brow lift or an eyelift would be a better treatment for deep set eyes and if either could enhance the appearance of sagging around the nose. VIEW NOW

Treat Deep Eye Wrinkles With a Restylane Lyft and Defyne Combination

Dr. Onir Spiegel uses a layering technique with Restylane Lyft and Restylane Defyne to help treat the hollowness and wrinkles around this woman's eyes. Dr. Spiegel prefers using Restylane Defyne because it moves naturally with facial muscles. VIEW NOW

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Vampire Facelift Treatment, Results, and Process

Dr. Svetlana Danovich outlines how the Vampire Facelift uses hyaluronic acid fillers like Juvederm and platelet-rich plasma from your own blood to achieve a natural and rejuvenated appearance. VIEW NOW

Injectable Fillers Treatment Under the Eyes to Treat Tired Look

Dr. Kate Kleydman explains how tear trough abnormalities like hollowness under the eyes can be treated with dermal fillers. VIEW NOW

Lip Enhancement Treatments Without Surgery

Dr. Brian Maloney discusses two options for non-surgical lip augmentation to achieve natural results: Volbella and Juvederm Ultra. VIEW NOW

Lip Filler Results Compared to Lip Implants

Dr. Camille Cash outlines the two most popular lip enhancement procedures and the pros and cons for each. VIEW NOW

Get Rid of Acne Scars With Filler Treatment

Dr. Steven Weiner demonstrates his technique of treating rolling acne scars with Bellafill in tangential light, which allows him to see the scars better. He first subcises the skin, then injects the scarred areas. VIEW NOW

Unveiling 8 Weeks of Facial Treatments for a Complete Skin Makeover

Dr. Suji Park-Idler shares this video of a woman who had two ThermiSmooth treatments, Botox, fillers, and hydrating facials with dermaplaning over the span of eight weeks for a skin makeover competition. See her before and after results. VIEW NOW