Injectable Fillers Videos

Botox in the Chin Area: How Can It Help Me?

Dr. Constantino Mendieta's physician assistant, Lindsay Schweikarth, discusses how Botox administered to the chin affects you. Is it recommended? And what the results may be? VIEW NOW

The Doctor Shares Top Concerns and Treatments for Facial Rejuvenation

Dr. Rajendra Shah discusses what kind of treatments are available for various areas of concern on the face for a complete facial rejuvenation. VIEW NOW

Botox and Fillers: When Is the Right Time to Start?

Dr. Charles Galanis explains what age is preferable to start either Botox or fillers, and what signs on your face indicate it is time for treatment. VIEW NOW

What Are the Best Options for Facial Rejuvenation?

Dr. Martin Carney explains the process of selecting the right treatments for your age and situation before a facial rejuvenation treatment, live in Los Angeles at PSTM 2016. VIEW NOW

What Is Fat Grafting and How Is It Beneficial?

Dr. Mike Schenden joins us live at PSTM 2016 in Los Angeles to share his expertise on fat grafting and what it can be used for. VIEW NOW

Facial Rejuvenation: What Can I Do for Natural Results?

Dr. Michele DeVito joins us live at PSTM 2016 to explain the various procedures and treatments available for natural-appearing results for a younger face. VIEW NOW

The Doctor Explains Non-Traditional Mommy Makeover Options

Dr. Michelle Zweifler sits down with us at PTSM 2016 in Los Angeles to discuss additional procedures that can be included in a mommy makeover. VIEW NOW

Can I Look Younger but Still Natural?

Dr. Scott Miller explains the process on crafting a natural-looking treatment for individuals looking to rewind the effects of time on their face. VIEW NOW

What You Need to Know About Medical Spas and Patient Safety

Dr. Jed Horowitz covers some concerns on patient safety in medical spas and what to look out for, live here in Los Angeles at PSTM 2016. VIEW NOW

The Doctor Explains How to Treat Dark Under Eye Hollows

Dr. Amiya Prasad reviews a concern from a young lady with hollow under eyes, explaining that cosmetic fillers can add volume to the tear troughs, but they will need continuous treatments. He explains which treatments in this video. VIEW NOW

Learn Why Slight Facial Lines in Young People are Best Left Untreated by Cosmetic Fillers

Dr. Amiya Prasad reviews the photos of a 20-year-old woman with facial lines, explaining how they are slight expression lines at the surface of the skin and not deep lines as a result of aging that are typically treated with cosmetic fillers. VIEW NOW

The Doctor Explains Botox

Dr. Nicole Hayre explains and demonstrates the basics of Botox treatments. VIEW NOW

The Doctor Explains Why Laser and Heat Treatments Will Not Melt Radiesse

Dr. Amiya Prasad reviews a question about Ultherapy affecting Radiesse placement in the face, explaining why Radiesse is resistant to heat treatments, and the benefits and safety of controlled laser and heat treatments. VIEW NOW

Non-Surgical Nose Augmentation with Fillers

Dr. Jason Emer shares this video of a man who was concerned with his nose not being perfectly straight. With the addition of a filler, the asymmetry was able to be corrected. VIEW NOW

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How to Rejuvenate the Hands

Dr. Juan Carlos Fuentes explains the treatment options for hand rejuvenation, and how to obtain the best results by complementing with other treatments for the skin like IPL and laser. VIEW NOW