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Infini RF is a minimally invasive treatment to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, scarring, and sagging skin. A handheld device with microneedles is pressed against the skin, sending radiofrequency energy to multiple layers below the surface. The combination of microneedling and RF energy stimulates the body's natural collagen and healing processes, without the downtime of more invasive procedures.

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Infini Needling Made Me Look Like Grated Cheese

I don't know where to begin. I can't even look at my partner at the moment. I had my second visit for infini at my skin Doctor. The first time was so bad that I didn't want to do the second phase but I figured I had already invested so much money into the procedure I didn't want to have it not... READ MORE

34 Year Old Woman Attempting to Improve the Look of my Acne Scars with INFINI - Englewood Cliffs, NJ

After a year of intensive research, I have finally made the decision to proceed with the INFINI treatment for my acne scarring. I am 34 years old and suffered from severe acne during my childbearing years. Unfortunately, because I was pregnant, the acne could not be treated aggressively, and I... READ MORE

Update and First Impression 5 Days Later

Hi! I wanted to share my experience since I always visit the site to read others opinion. I had micro-needling with radio-frequency 5 days ago. First day after procedure my skin was slightly red but still very smooth. On day 2&3 I got really worried with my skin appearance; it was very red,... READ MORE

Infini for my Stretch marks... before-after

Hi doctors and everyone i am 41 years old i have stretch marks for 20 years since i have my son. i decide to try infini and i wish it will work . i wish doctor could help me if i need any cream during infini treatment to get good result. i take package for 3 treatment. sorry my English is... READ MORE

Info I After Effects- What Happened?! Boca Raton, FL

I had Infini RF done on 5/7/16. I have had micro needling and peels, der abrasion, but nothing helped with my PIH and PIE. I purchased this to kickstart my healing or hopefully to make the appearance of my 'marks' not as bad. My skin is barely one week out and I do tend to heal slower than most... READ MORE

Infini RF No Downtime Went out That Night - Phoenix, AZ

I had an Infini RF skin tightening treatment and felt like my face and neck were very tight afterwards. No downtime, put some tinted moisturizer on after about an hour past treatment and went out. Next day also put the tinted moisturizer and felt tight still! People were saying the redness was... READ MORE

Infini Caution - San Antonio, TX

I had Infini with the primary goal of skin tightening. I do not yet have wrinkles or texture issues. Unfortunately, I experienced an extreme complication that looks like raised bumps/scarring. There is no hyperpigmentation, which ironically I would prefer because at least that could be covered... READ MORE

Infini RF for Acne Scars (Package of Three) - Toledo, OH

I've been in search for a treatment to help improve my acne scars for over two years. After countless consults at other facilities and weighing my options as to which treatment would give me the results I was looking for, I made the decision to drive almost 4 hours from Pgh, pa to Dr. Barone's... READ MORE

Very Red and 1 Month Later I Still Have Track Marks - Is This Normal?

I have my first infini treatment done a little over a month ago. The girl who did it say that my face should be back to normal by now and it's not. I can see track marks and it's almost like it looks dirty. Has anyone had this problem? I have to go back on Tuesday to see the girl so she can... READ MORE

30 Year Old - One Infini Treatment After 3 Picosure - Acne Scars - Was This a Mistake. Philadelphia, PA

I tried Picosure for 3 sessions to diminish acne scars from my cheeks and chin. The scars were a combinaison of ice picks and rolling, as a results of years suffering from acne. The procedure was painful, even after the application of a numbing cream. I didn't have a watch so I don't know for... READ MORE

55 Year Woman Defying Gravity. Englewood Cliffs, NJ

I'm 55 and take good care of myself. I work out regularly and try to eat right and am told I look 45. Started to get jowly and eyelids seem to start hooding significantly over the last few months. Dr Rappaport suggested infini to tighten my skin and get the effects of a non surgical mini lift.... READ MORE

35 Years Old, Seattle, WA

I just did the first of a two treatment package to treat acne scars and skin tightening. I had horrible acne when I was young and have been on acutane 3 times. My acne is controlled now with the use of a couple prescription meds but I still have scars from over a decade ago. I was nervous... READ MORE

Infini RF gave me under-eye hollows! San Jose, CA

I did the Infini-RF treatment 5 days ago to see if I could get further improvement from my prior laser treatments, plus DIY microneedling. I want to share my real-time progress because I noticed most of the Infini-RF posts are after the fact with multiple people seeing the same doctor. This... READ MORE

I'm a 30 Yr Old Female That Had a Lot of Deep Acne Scars - Englewood Cliffs, NJ

I was a very insecure female due to my acne scars on my forehead and always covered up with bangs . I finally decided to see doctor Rapapport and had my first procedure done in May which was prp and infini , I must say that in a 2 weeks results were already showing . It's an uncomfortable... READ MORE

My Wrinkled Neck Did Not Match my Face! - Chevy Chase, MD

I had laser treatments, and a little filler on my face. I loved the results. But then the age on my neck really stood out! So I decided to go for one more treatment to improve my neck as well. Dr. West has quite a few different lasers in her office, and she explained that the Infini would... READ MORE

Using Copper Peptites with Miconeedling and Laser! - Clearwater, FL

I've now had my second treatment (10/11/2016 and 11/23/16) and I have to say, after using Dr. Pickards' copper peptites for several years in helping collagen turnover, my esthetician now asks me if I brought my CP with me and I always answer yes. We apply it directly to my skin following... READ MORE

incredible! amazing!!

I've had 3 treatments since July. Each time the result is better than the last. Dr. Halaas and Hazel have made the treatments painless. Hazel monitored my "pre-procedure prep" and the "after-care" like a mother hen. My face and neck look amazing. My skin is brighter, firmer and looks healthy. ... READ MORE

Happy with Infinity Rf - Columbus, OH

Had 3 infinity treatments and I am happy with the treatment. My last treatment was at the beginning of August and it was about 4-6 weeks or so after this treatment that I really starting to see a marked improvement. It seems like weekly now I keep seeing more improvement. Got to say though I... READ MORE

Infini Treatments

Jennifer at VA Institute of Plastic Surgery is an amazing master aesthetician! The results from my Infini treatments have boosted my self-confidence. I would highly recommend Jennifer for any body contouring and facial rejuvenation needs. She spends time with her patients and gives them all the... READ MORE

Infini on Tummy, Inner Thigh, Backs of Legs, Bum - London, GB

I think Infini can work for facial skin or superficial things like stretch marks but it didn't give me the skin tightening I was looking for. I wanted to tighten up my skin where it was starting to sag on the legs and bum. My stomach area is a bit different because I have recently solved a... READ MORE

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