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What Can Be Done for Very Bad Reaction to Hyaluronic Acid Which is Not an Infection? (photo)

Huge lumps on face culture 2 times sterile drained every 24hrs every day pain swelling at injection site on antibiotics nothing helping Im scared... READ MORE

Hyaluronidase Swelling and Eye Damage?

I had hyaluronidase injected approx. 2 months ago to dissolve Juvederm under the eyes, tear trough and malar region. The doctor used a very, very... READ MORE

Does the Injection of Vitrase Hurt? Does the Dissolving Hurt?

I'm getting Vitrase injected to remove filler from my upper lip. Does it hurt? Is it any worse than getting the original filler put in? Does it... READ MORE

Had hyaluronidase in my lip to remove excess Juvederm in the middle. So much pain isn't normal, is it? (Photo)

He put bit juvaderm on both sides of my lip. i was nothappywith the result. There was a little bump in the middle from earlier injection he put one... READ MORE

Is there a significant difference in bruising and pain when a micro cannula is used instead of a needle for HA injections?

Is there a significant difference in bruising and pain when a micro cannula is used instead of a needle for HA injections? READ MORE

Please help! Can I use hyaluronidase on Juvederm Voluma after 9 weeks? I am in quite a lot of pain. Any serious side effects?

I think the filler is aggravatiing my infra orbital nerve or it was injured by the injector during treatment. She used a cannula but I felt a sharp... READ MORE

Can Hyaluronidase injection cause scleral thinning or changing color of the sclera? Please, this is very important to me!

I got 150units of hialuronidase diluted in 3ml saline in nasal folds & marionette lines for disolving 1ml of HA. It caused pain & redness in my skin... READ MORE

Numbness, pain and no muscle movement after hyaluronidase injection. Will this go away? (photo)

I had a second round of hyaluronidase placed on each cheeks due to imflammation , overfill of juvederm, also 8 units of botox just on my forehead same... READ MORE

Choosing a true hyaluronidase expert? 4wks, DBCFPS botched Voluma; JU+ in lips; Botox impaired ability to smile, also lisping

Residual pain. MD friend just emailed me 2014 public records of sev. formal MB reprimands - PS reopened just 7mos ago. Been going for add'l follow... READ MORE

I have hard bumps after Viterase! Any suggestions? (photos)

I had Viterase ( Hyaluronidase) yesterday to even out my bumpy lips. The doctor injected the lower lips and a tiny bit of the left side of the upper... READ MORE

I have a painful lump on my lip after a hyaluronidase injection. What should I ask the doctor to do? (Photo)

I had juvederm injected into my lips 7 weeks ago. The initial swelling went down after a week and the result was a bit lumpy but ok. Then at 5 weeks... READ MORE

How Did Hyaluronidase Damage my Eyes?

Vitrase to dissolve juvederm in the under eye and cheek area. The doctor used a very large amount of Vitrase and did not dilute w saline. A few days... READ MORE

Pain in areas over injected with hyaluronadaise that has continued intermittently for 6 months. Any suggestions? (photo)

My cheeks were over filled with HA fillers 1 year after having malar implants removed. My PS did repeated hyaluronadaise injections each within a week... READ MORE

Hyaluronidase for emervel lips/big lumps but the lumps or the filler doesn't want to go away. Any suggestions?

2013: Emervel lips, 6 weeks after: retouch -> 6 weeks llast retouch. 2014 i got lumps in my under lips, had hyaluronidase in the lumps 2 times(4... READ MORE

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