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Surgiderm Created New "Smile Lines"

I had Surgiderm applied to my nasolabial wrinkles two days ago. I am 31 years old, and as I tend to gesticulate quite a lot, I have marked "smile... READ MORE

Has hyaluronidase damaged my own collagen in my nasolabial folds? (Photo)

After a few years of receiving fillers in my smile lines I was very concious that they were looking over filled and I bit strange . An experience... READ MORE

Hyaluronidase Has Not Worked - Anything I Can Do Myself to Help Decrease the Lump?

I recently had Hyaluronidase injected into a lump that has formed due to filler along my nasal labial line. I believe the filler that caused the lump... READ MORE

I've had a hyaluronic acid injection for a deep nasolabial fold. Is it safe to remove it with hyaluronidase ?

6 months ago I had a hyaluronic acid injection to treat a deep nasolabial fold on the right side of my face. I am not happy with the result as it... READ MORE

After the hyaluronidase, how long will it take for my normal appearance to return? (Photos)

I´m 8th day after the hyaluronidase tears trough area end looks damaged and told me she will do mi co2 resufing laser ... READ MORE

Can Hyaluronidase injection cause scleral thinning or changing color of the sclera? Please, this is very important to me!

I got 150units of hialuronidase diluted in 3ml saline in nasal folds & marionette lines for disolving 1ml of HA. It caused pain & redness in my skin... READ MORE

How much Juvederm will hyaluronidase eliminate in my face if injected in one spot?

I had Juvederm Voluma injected into my cheeks. I am unsatisfied with the results and am contemplating having hyaluronidase put into my cheeks to... READ MORE

Can Hyaluronidase cause damage?I had Restylane injected into my nasolobial folds, outer corners of mouth & around my DAO.(photo)

I didnt like the result so I had Hyaluronidase injected into the DAO area and she said it would get rid of it there and the corners of mouth. Ive... READ MORE

Uneven injection on one side, what can I do?

I am 40 years old. I had hyaluoronic acid injection in my nasolabial fold and marionette lines two days ago. The doctor injected 1.5 ml of the filler... READ MORE

Overfilled nasal fold

I am so depressed over this. I had fillet in my cheeks and nasal folds. One is like a big caterpillar on my face making the skin look whit. the other... READ MORE

Can Hylaronidase last in the body, so that when I inject filler into the same spot again years later, it dissolves?

I received uneven juvederm in my nasolabial folds 5 years ago. The dr injected one side with Hylaronidase to even it out and rectify her job. Over the... READ MORE

Plasticine skin after hyularonaise; can you advise me on what is happening here?

I had dermal filler ultra 3 in the labial folds yesterday, the appearance was not as expected so I returned today for treatment with hyularonaise. If... READ MORE

25 y/o with nasolabial folds - treatment options? Can HA correct this? (photo)

Interested in input on best treatment for my situation - oval face/long nasolabial folds that make me look much older than I am (25y/o). I have always... READ MORE

Cheeks derma filler, can I do Juvederm right after hyaluronidase?

Hello,a few days ago,i finished a hyaluronidase treatment to dissolve a nodule after juvederm at my one side nasolabial area,i want to ask can i do... READ MORE

Can Hyalase used to dissolve Juvederm effect facial tissue? I had Hyalase injected in my face 8 months ago.

In march 2015 i had juvederm 3 injected in the the skin above my top lip and as i was unhappy with the results i got Hyalase to dissolve it. I had the... READ MORE

Follow-up: Hyaluronidase not working -- what should I do?

I've had a series of five injections (both sides of my nasolabial folds) over the past month. I've recieved steroid injections and taken a short... READ MORE

How long for erythema resolution post Juvederm/vascular occlusion/hyuralonidase in nasolabial area? Also, nasal dryness?

I received h'dase 21 hours post juvederm to address occlusion, mostly administered to my nose (OUCH). 4 days later I see definite, but incomplete... READ MORE

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