Redness + Hair Transplant

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Something is falling out from my head, 16 days post-operation. Is these scabs or hair follicles? (Photo)

I underwent my first transplant about 16 days ago and I started touching the transplanted hair more vigorously as of last night when I started feeling... READ MORE

21 days post op hair transplant, is the redness normal? (photos)

This is how my scalp looks post 21days of my fut surgery is this redness normal thank you READ MORE

How many days does it takes to hide Hair Transplant signs?

I am planning to have my hair transplant surgery (strip procedure). I am trying to hide this matter from friends and family members and will rent a... READ MORE

How long will it take for the redness to go, and will Mederma help reduce scarring?

I’m a week removed from a 1,500 NeoGraft procedure. There’s still a decent amount of redness where each follicle unit was extracted. In addition, wit... READ MORE

Is redness, pimples and holes normal 4 weeks post FUT? (photo)

I recently had a FUT procedure, I am 4 weeks postoperative. For for about 2 weeks, I have been having pimples; with pus, redness and I noticed small... READ MORE

Problem with the skin after Hair Transplant surgery. Any suggestions? (photos)

12 months ago I had a hair transplant surgery in 1800 grafts so far I have big problems with the skin. Is heavily reddened skin and hyperpigmentation.... READ MORE

3 months after FUT, nothing is visible at center. Is there something wrong?

HI, self had done FUT on 3rd Jan 2014. almost 3 months has passed. I can see come new hairs on both front side but nothing is visible at center. a... READ MORE

Very rough skin/poor yield after hair transplant. Is this normal? (Photo)

Hello doctors, I had two FUT (strip) hair transplants (NOT plugs or minigrafts): June 2014 and July 2015. I am now 3 weeks post-op from my second... READ MORE

My beard still has redness after six months! Beard transplant (Photo)

Dear Doctors i still have a redness on my face " beard area " i did my beard transplant 6 months ago, i went to my doctor last week and he said you... READ MORE

I've been using Clindamycin and Desonide Cream, but ny puncture wounds are not healing. Will this heal? (Photo)

After a facial hair implant procedure almost a month ago I have considerable redness and small puncture wounds that are extremely visible. The... READ MORE

Synthetic hair implant; need to remove it. Can you help? (Photos)

A year ago, I got my synthetic hair implant in another country clinics, since they really persuaded me to try out their biofiber synthetic hair... READ MORE

3 months after hair transplant - Antibiotics and steroid cream. Lumpy Bald patch - Will my hair grow back? (photos)

The redness has subsided , it also doesn't look as spotty as before . However there are still some spots and within the areas very little hair growth... READ MORE

Post hair transplant, my doctor told me to put bacitracin on my scalp. It has become red. Is this going to affect my grafts?

I had a fut hair transplant 3 weeks a go but my doctor tell me to put some bacitracin on my scalp on the 8th day after the surgery after I didi that... READ MORE

How long it takes till redness go away after beard transplant? (photo)

I had a beard transplant 3 weeks ago and now i am on the stage of hair falling down, and the redness in the transplant area became be obvious, and i... READ MORE

Redness exists after 2 years PO, is this normal?

I had my Strip procedure about 2 years ago. I still have pinkish on the Donor area. What went wrong? It was my 2nd procedure - where the original scar... READ MORE

Treating scar redness in area with hair follicles? (photo)

I had a hair transplant over a decade ago and instead of getting another one as I have lost a lot of hair I wanted to shave my head which I have done.... READ MORE

Does my hair transplant look okay 7 days post op? (photos)

I've got distinguishing redness / lines where the procedure has been carried out. Does this look normal post 7 days? Is there anyway to speed up the... READ MORE

What is best option for redness following beard transplant?

I had a beard transplant exactly 6 weeks ago as well as PRP. I shaved my mustache and goatee area at 4 weeks and it was very red. It looks like I have... READ MORE

African American Hair Transplant for CCCA Patient. (photos)

I am looking for a doctor to perform hair transplant surgery for my thinning hairline and crown area. I was diagnosed with CCCA and traction alopecia... READ MORE

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