10 Days Post-op + Hair Transplant

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Can Grafts Be Pulled out 10 Days After a Hair Transplant? (photo)

I 'd a hair transplant of 6000 grafts 11 days ago .Tonight,I washed my head gently rubbed donor area with fingers and direct touches with shampoo to... READ MORE

10 Days Post Op Hairtransplant and Still Scabbing?

I've followed doctor orders to the letter. I have two areas up front that have pea sized scabs. Will these scabs harbor bacteria? I have placed some... READ MORE

Is Hair Oil Good for Transplanted Hair Grafts Post 10 Day Hair Transplant Op?

On the 9th day post HT I started applying herbal oil to soften the scabs by gently massaging. When I asked my doctor he mentioned not to use oil for... READ MORE

How long should one wait to shave their face after undergoing a facial hair transplant surgery?

After about day 10, I'll need to make a 'public' appearance, and I would like to appear as I did "before" the procedure. I know the hairs will fall /... READ MORE

10 days post op Hair Transplant, I am feeling itching. Any suggestions?

Its being over 10 days of my hair transplantation but now i am feeling big itching what to do shall I scratch the area or should i adopt any other... READ MORE

I Had a FUE Hair Transplant 4 Weeks Ago and Have Been Using Concealer?

After 10 days I used Nanogen hair concealer occasionally when I have an event to go to. I use it only on the hair line at the front. I had... READ MORE

I removed a scab mixed with dry blood 10 days after my surgery. It seems like a scar on my head. Did follicles come out? (Photo)

It appears that the area is still slightly bloody follicles came out that looks like a tiny hole as you can see in the picture and im wondering if... READ MORE

Can I use Neutriderm Hair Enhancer Lotion and Neutriderm Hair Enhancer Shampoo after hair tranplant?

After 10 days of hair transplant my doctor told me that i can use any hair shampoo now. So i want to use Neutriderm Hair Enhancer Lotion and... READ MORE

Can I use theradome laser helmet 10 days after hair transplant?

I have a question that is it ok to use theradome laser helmet after 10 days of the hair transplant , or i have to wait a little bit longer? READ MORE

10 days into a beard transplant. Still have lots of tiny scabs and crusts all around. How to clean?

I was told by my doctor that I could clean my beard now if any scabs/crust remain which there are a good amount still. I'm just afraid for any of the... READ MORE

Pimple like bumps on the grafted hairs after beard transplant. What are they?

Hello, I have a beard transplant surgery 11 days ago. The procedure i went under was FUT. The hairs were taken from back of my head and were implanted... READ MORE

Is there a way to remove grafts after an eyebrow transplantation?

Hi. I had eyebrow transplantation 10 days ago. But now i kind of regret about it. Is there a way that grafts could be removed? READ MORE

Did I ruin my hair transplant by rubbing the scabs and crust off? (Photos)

Gently Massaged/Rubbed scabs/crust off on 8th and 9th day. Concerned I ruined surgery. READ MORE

Is It Normal to See Tiny Bloody Dots After the Removal of Sutures and Scabs? Why my Hair is Thinning from 1 Transplant?

Last year I had my first hair tranplant and after 10 days,my doctor removed my sutures and scabs which was went fine.But this year,In my second hair... READ MORE

Hair transplant. What are these bumps?

Hello, I have a beard transplant surgery 11 days ago. The procedure i went under was FUT. The hairs were taken from back of my head and were implanted... READ MORE

Little white speaks or bumps on my recipient area. Any suggestions? (photos)

Looking in the mirror at my hair transplant area I noticed very small white bums or speaks all around the area I took a picture but Idk if it's very... READ MORE

Can I shave my beard (transplanted beard) with a trimmer 10 days post op?

I had a beard transplant 10 days ago and all my scabs are gone. I really want to shave my beard because I don't plan to get back to work with a full... READ MORE

It is ok to rub the scraps on the 11th day after hair transplant?

Hi! I had a hair transplant 11 days ago. Today i went to my doctor place to have suture removal. After that, a nurse helped me to wash my head, but... READ MORE

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