Can Grafts Be Pulled out 10 Days After a Hair Transplant? (photo)

I 'd a hair transplant of 6000 grafts 11 days ago .Tonight,I washed my head gently rubbed donor area with fingers and direct touches with shampoo to the recipient area as per doctor's advise.What scared me is that I could pull out some scabs from my the transplanted area they looked like grafts and had hair in it. what I already know is that hairs grown from the transplanted grafts fall (3rd- 4th week) and regrow after 2 months .But grafts themselves fall ?? is that normal ? what's left?

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No No No, never pull grafts out

because you will pull out the grafts and these will never grow. I wrote an article on this very subject and it is authoratative, A I don't like the idea of anyone removing grafts that have scabs on them because we have published a paper in a formal medical journal, that when a person pulls off a scab (crust) from a recipient area in less than 12 days, the risk of losing the graft is very high. See the medical paper we wrote in a major journal below in the web reference that proves my point. Everyone having a hair transplant should follow the care I recommend below:

In FUE or any transplant including a beard transplant it should be treated just like a regular hair transplant with regard to the recipient area, but if the donor area has open wounds (FUE), it requires daily washing with soap and water. Within 3 days of surgery, you can resume full activities, heavy exercises if you wish. The recipient area requires daily washes as well to keep the recipient area free of crusts. I generally recommend the use of a sponge and supply my patient with a surgical sponge to fill with soapy water and press on the recipient area daily in a rolling motion, never rubbing. By repeating this daily, all crusts can be washed off without any fear of losing grafts. IF any crust are present, use a Q tip and dip it into soapy water, and roll it on the crusts and that will lift them off without dislodging them, but never rub them, just roll the Q tip on the recipient crust. I like to see no evidence of any crusting in the recipient area and the crusts from the donor area gone in 7-10 days with daily washing

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6,000 is a lot!  That's a lot of scabs and a lot of hair that will fall out with scabs.  Don't sweat it, however, as the follicles should be integrated into the scalp by now. 

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Grafts falling out

6000 grafts. Wow! I know only a few clinics that do that many in a session. Your grafts look good and it is likely that no more will come out. The few you have seen probably came out within a day or two of the surgery and were stuck to the scalp or what you have seen  represent the early typical shedding of the grafts that occur 2-4 weeks after a transplant. . It is quite hard to intentionally pull out grafts after one week. I would not worry, but would suggest you discuss things with your surgeons.

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Fall out of grafts after a transplant

Often after 10 days the roots (bulbs) of the grafts are well embedded. However, the shaft of the follicle may fall out and this is common and ok.  Ultimately, it is best to discuss this with your hair transplant doctor. 

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Are my grafts falling out?

Grafts are very firmly attached within 4-6 days after surgery, and are therefore very unlikely to be pulled out accidentally. Hairs and what appear to be grafts at 11 days are probably not lost follicles, but just normal shedding. No not deliberately remove any hairs or crusts, but continue your recommended scalp care. Remember also that losing up to 5% of your transplanted grafts would be considered very acceptable, and that would be 300 lost grafts in your case. So probably nothing to worry about!

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Can Grafts Be Pulled out 10 Days After a Hair Transplant?

Thank you for your question.  After a few days the grafts are well incorporated.  The grafted hair will grow nicely for first 10-14 days then 50-75% of the hair will shed temporarily. The small crusts around the micrographs will fall off naturally at around 10-14 days.  You can wash your hair daily and gently with a mild shampoo.  Try not to remove the crusts and allow them to fall off naturally.   Discuss your concerns with your surgeon. 

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Hair transplant graft take

This graft that came out most likely was a non-viable graft.  By about 7-10 days, the grafts are fairly adhered although they can be pulled out with great effort.  If the graft was not living, it most likely came out with a scab.

If you went to a reputable clinic you should have a great result with 6000 grafts!

Pramit Malhotra, MD
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Post-operative period and losing grafts

I saw the picture and it looks like a hair graft that probably never took and never survived and was part of the scab. Generally speaking the grafts take and survive during the first 5 days PO but the patient should be still very carefull about scratching the scalp or washing the recipient area. 6,000 are a lot of grafts. It is normal the shedding of the transplanted hairs and can happen up to 12 weeks after the transplant. I will suggest you to follow the postoperative instructions given by your surgeon.

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If what you see are big chunks of skin they are likely dried up hair grafts that did not take.

If what you see are big chunks of skin they are likely dried up hair grafts that did not take.  You can lose 1 to 2 grafts by accident for every 1000 grafts that was transplanted during the healing process.  If you are concerned about your potential loss, you should follow up with your doctor for a recheck.

6000 grafts by the way is a unusually high number for one surgery.

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Transplanted hair follicles are very strong and can't be pulled out easily, but some hair shedding and shaft breakage can occur

It is not unusual for a few hairs to be shed after hair transplantation. Sometimes, when the scab is flaking off, it tends to cause the breakage of hair and not the actual grafts. I usually tell my patients that even after a few days, the grafts wouldn’t fall out. These grafts are deeply embedded under the skin to the point that one must have to physically cut out the graft in order for it to be non-viable.

In our practice, we use a combination of our transplant procedure and extracellular matrix to improve the rate of healing and to improve the rates of graft survival. As you probably already know that a certain percentage of grafts that are placed will not necessary survive and there are many factors as to why that is the case. The real final result of a hair transplant usually takes about a year before you see how many hairs have survived.

I wound suggest that you speak to your doctor about this and don’t stress out too much about losing a hair or two here and there. Remember that it is not likely that the follicle or the key part of the dermal papilla has fallen out. Also, keep in mind that out of the thousands of grafts, a couple of hairs may not make it depending on how much hair you had existing. A certain number of hairs may not survive because of shock loss, so it's best to continue communicating with your doctor to assess your condition. I hope that was helpful, and thank you for your question

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