Smoothbeam Laser Overview

Smoothbeam is form of laser skin resurfacing used by dermatologists to treat common skin conditions like acne and to rejuvenate damaged skin.

  • Smoothbeam is most often deployed to reduce the appearance of fine wrinkles and facial lines as well as shallow acne scars. Deeper scars and craters are often unaffected by the treatment. 
  • Smoothbeam laser is a pulsed-dye laser which is minimally invasive (non-ablative laser). 
  • Since Smoothbeam laser does not remove a layer of your skin there is often minimal swelling, redness and downtime.
  • Pain during the laser treatment session is often described as tiny paper cuts, but the sting is greater on active acne regions. Pre-treatment with numbing creams can reduce pain of a procedure.
  • Bruising of the treated area will often be apparent after treatment. These bruises should subside within 7-10 days. Other side-effects associated with laser therapy may include—but may not be limited to—burns or other injuries from the heat, scarring and skin discoloring. Reactivation of a herpes simplex cold sore may occur and your doctor can give you a medication to prevent an outbreak. 

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