Silicone Injections Overview

  • Silicone injections and injectable silicone for buttock, breast or lip augmentation are offered on a limited basis by doctors, such as cosmetic dermatologists, as well as by inexperienced injectors who may use industrial grade silicone rather than medically safe product.
  • They can cause unwanted and sometimes dangerous results—including deformity, nodules, dimpling, and infection—so careful consideration is important here.
  • Silicone injections present risks, regardless of body area injected. Silicone can result in contour irregularity, dimpling, infection, migration, nodules, granulomas, inflammatory reaction, and deformity. Treatment of silicone injections is difficult.
  • A serious and very possible complication is your body reacting to the silicone and creating severe scar tissue known as granulomas. This deformity is untreatable except by cutting out tissue, which of course leaves scars
  • A problem often reported by RealSelf visitors is that silicone lip injections look great for several years. Then, a blunting of the normally distinct and beautiful vermillion roll and white roll occurs. The lips appear "sanded down". Next, silicone starts to move to the bottom of the lip. A trout-lip deformity results. Inside the mouth, the lips thicken. 

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