As you age, your lips will lose volume, due to fat loss -- and then your silicone lips may look different. - Walnut Creek, CA

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I have artecol in my lips (and yes I do have some...

I have artecol in my lips (and yes I do have some lumps but they're not visible so I just live w/ em). I then began getting silikon 1000 using the microdroplet technique, very small amounts over a long period of time. I was in my early 30's and it was the cheapest thing out there, and permanent, which I liked. I knew about the possibility of the silicone doing a little migrating, but I did all kinds of mental gymnastics to tell myself that it wouldn't happen to ME. I told myself that the existing artecol might "trap" the silicone somehow (nope). I also just was young and kind of greedy and desperate, and just hoped for the best.

My lips were AMAZING at first. I knew that as I aged, I'd lose more volume in my lips, and yes, that did happen. The silicone absolutely did migrate, and as I've aged, I noticed that it's not my lips themselves that have volume -- it's the area slightly around my lipline. Sometimes when I see myself in pictures I can see that they look absolutely fake (without lipstick), but when I am fully made up w/ lipstick, they still look great.

I'm not sorry that I did it, and I'm glad to have some volume there, but I'd definitely advise against anything permanent in the lips -- because your face ABSOLUTELY WILL change, even if you can't imagine how that will happen -- it will. Now I want some Juvederm to give them a little poof -- but that's temporary so whatever happens as I age, it will be somewhat controllable. Good luck!

Lip Comparison Photo

Sorry about the not-so-great pic quality. You should be able to see the differences between the before / after photos. It's not a huge difference and when I use lip pencil, it's almost unnoticeable, but *I* definitely notice it and hope it doesn't drift any further.

I'd do it again, but please realize that you may still lose volume (fat) in your lips as you age.

I'm rewriting this review, because at the time I first wrote this, I believed that the Silikon 1000 in my lips had migrated and that was the reason for the changes in my lips over the years. Now, however, I have a different opinion: I believe that perhaps the Silikon 1000 *may* have migrated *slightly*, but I cannot be sure of this, because the other thing that has happened is that my lips (and other parts of my face) have lost some of their fat. My lips look like they lay differently -- they seem "flat". I will test this out when I go to get a little temporary filler in my lips; if they perk up like they were when I first got them done, then I'll suspect even more that my theory is correct (that the shape-change is the result of BOTH fat-loss in the lips AND the slight migration of the silikon). In any event, I still would get it done, but keep in mind that you may still have to get them touched up later.
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