The Most Popular Breast Augmentation Transformations - 10 Before & Afters [PHOTOS]

*Treatment results may vary

Every day, we see incredible transformations in cup size (and self-confidence) within the RealSelf community. Some stories are too good not to share.

Below, we're showcasing the 10 most popular breast augmentation transformations, the ones the RealSelfers commented on the most. Take a peek at these before-and-after pics, along with some post-op updates.

1. NoMoreBoobEnvy: Wanted Breast Implants For 16+ Years

*Treatment results may vary

"I finally got to show the girls off! We had such a cold winter that I literally have been bundled up until last week! I am loving them - they feel natural and soft, like I have had them my whole life!

2. Limaboro: Breastfed 5 Children (2 are twins!)

*Treatment results may vary

"I actually ended slightly bigger than [my] ideal photo, but the shape was the same. Can more than live with it :)"

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3. Serena75: Mom Of Two Who Wanted More Volume

*Treatment results may vary

"I got the 425 mod + unders... I was obsessing over size... which was a waste. Lol -- they look huge nude and small clothed which I LOVE!!!!"

4. luvmyhuskies: Gave Herself Implants for Her 39th Birthday

*Treatment results may vary

"I just want a little more cleavage and a little bit bigger size, eventually... My husband likes the size but he also liked my tiny A's so he's no help!"

5. Ravensgal: 42 Year-Old runner

*Treatment results may vary

"I love them, don't get me wrong, but they seem a bit large some days... other days not..."

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6. sahmiam: Stay-at-home mom from Orange County

*Treatment results may vary

"I was afraid that I wouldn't get used to them but I absolutely have! They DO look like my "before boobs" -- only bigger..."

7. SweetAmy0787: All The Ladies in Her Family Are D Cups

*Treatment results may vary

"I'm very happy. I love them, they really look very natural. What a change when I dress up! Finally I feel like a real woman!"

8. Angel 1981: 31 Year-Old Figure Competitor

*Treatment results may vary

"I love them BUT I wish they were bigger and higher...  So, in the future I will be going bigger and possibly [getting] an internal lift..."

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9. musicalsoul82: 29 Year-Old Who Says She Can Barely Fit Into A Cup

*Treatment results may vary

"My size is right for me and is very well proportioned to my body. At 5'3, 112lbs, a C cup is perfect for my little petite self!"

10. MissMae: Wanted Implants Since She Was a Teenager

*Treatment results may vary

"I ended up a little bigger than I was expecting and at times, I feel like I'm not quite used to their size... but in no way am I complaining!"

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