Butt Implants Overview

Butt implants are a surgical option to enhancing the behind, with a RealSelf Worth It Rating in the high 80s. Unlike a Brazilian butt lift (BBL), which uses liposuction and a person's own body fat, butt implants use manufactured implants to achieve this fuller look.

Like breast implants, butt implants may be placed either under or over your muscle. It may also be performed with liposuction to help shape the buttocks. 

With an average cost of $8,500, it is important to consult with several board certified doctors to determine if a butt implant is right for you. 

*Treatment results may vary

Dr. Barry Citron explains the difference between a butt implant and fat transfer, which is used in BBLs.

*Treatment results may vary

Dr. K. Roxanne Grawe discusses the differences in selecting implant sizes for breasts and buttocks.

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