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Do I Have a Burn After Glycolic Peel? (photo)

I had glycolic peel yesterday and since then the areas of my skin on my forehead and both side cheeks have burning sensation and look like they have... READ MORE

Burns After Applying Glycolic Acid Peel 70%?

I used to apply gycolic acid 35%regularly I was okay with that so I applied 70% this time. I had sever burning sensation, I immediately washed it off... READ MORE

How To Treat Burns After Microderm and 70% Glycolic on Fair Skin Black Female?

I am fair skin black woman who had microderm and 70% glycolic done at the same time. The microderm was aggressive and the peel stayed on for about 5... READ MORE

70 Percent Glycolic Peel at Dermotologist's Office Help? (photo)

Yesterday 2 pm had a 70 percent glycolic peel at the doctors office, 4 mins I told her the burn had become quite severe,so the girl in the room said I... READ MORE

I Burnt my Face with 100% Glycolic Acid. Will my Skin Scar?

Will there be risk of scarring or anything?my face turned real red and now is blackish on colour,darker than my complexion.i am black in skin... READ MORE

Will the White Blotches on my Face Even out into the Color of my Normal Skin Tone? (photo)

I used to have great skin until I did a 20% glycolic peel that severely burnt my skin so bad that the healing process has been over 4 months. I am... READ MORE

Chemical Burn After Glycolic Peel

I used a salycic acid/benzoyl peroxide ointment on a zit the day after a light glycolic peel and facial. It has caused what looks like a chemical burn... READ MORE

I Burned my Face with a Glycolic Acid Peel What Should I Do? (photo)

Hi, Yesterday I did a 40% glycolic acid peel. This was my third one and I wated the recommended two weeks in between. I increased my leave on time to... READ MORE

Is this a burned face after glycolic peel?

My check area is very red and i feel burning sensation for two days already. In my forehead i got scratches. my face really looks horrible. I feel so... READ MORE

I burn my face with glycolic acid. Will the brown spot go away?

I have burn i used 25 glycolic acid have Brown spot really bad is that going away? Please help. READ MORE

Red Marks Remaining After a Glycolic Peel Burn, Should I be Worried?

I had a glycolic peel at a clinic which burnt my skin, crusted and peeled over a week. My main concern now is 3 1/2 weeks later I still have red... READ MORE

Burn from Glycolic Peel 40%? (Photo)

The glycolic peel 40% was left for 5 minutes. Only this spot experienced redness (there was a pimple and it was treated with Retin-A one day before... READ MORE

How do you treat facial burn from Glycolic peel? (photos)

I got a Vivite glycolic peel (70%) yesterday. I also use Retin-A sporadically for acne (a few times a week). I had put Retin-A on my face the day... READ MORE

I have superficial burns after 50% glycolic peel. Any suggestions? (photos)

Hi I got the 3rd of a series of glycolic peels at my derm ofc yesterday (the PA did them). progressed from 30-40-50% . 1st 2 peels fine w/ peeling w/... READ MORE

I got burned from 30% glycolic acid peel. Will it go away and the pigmentation fade?

I'm really freaking out I did a 30% glycolic acid peel yesterday and it burned my skin now my cheeks have like brown/red patches. they don't hurt but... READ MORE

Burnt my face with a chemical peel about 2 years ago and it still looks terrible. Any options for repairing? (photos)

~2 years ago I tried a glycolic acid peel at home. First one was fine but this 2nd time it burned terribly (maybe b/c my Tretinoin?). Stupidly left it... READ MORE

I Am Burned and Cut After a Microderm and 40% Glycolic Peel. What Can I Do? (photo)

Yesterday I had a microderm followed by a 40% glycolic peel. I now have scratches and red and brown spots all over my face. It looks like the skin was... READ MORE

Face is Burnt After Glycolic Gel Peel

I used a glycolic gel peel 35% 2 days ago. I was suppose to NOT go into the sun 25 hours before hand, I was in the sun for 2 hours with sunscreen.... READ MORE

10% Glycolic Acid Cream Burn on Face, How to treat? Is it permanent? (photo)

I did a glycolic acid cream treatment to my face with a 10% cream. The next day I did a routine bleaching for my dark face hair. These scabs then... READ MORE

Burns After Chemical Peel? (photo)

Hi I got my 2nd glycolic peel yesterday (70%) at my derma's clinic. By evening i had brown marks all over my face. My derma said this is normal and... READ MORE

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