Brown Spots + Fraxel Laser

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Brown Spots and Rough Skin After Fraxel Restore

It has been 2 days since my first Fraxel Restore treatment. My face feels like sandpaper and has a pattern of tiny brown spots on it. Is this normal,... READ MORE

Does Fraxel Get Rid of Age Spots or Does It Just Make Them Fade?

I have age spots on my arms which react to self tanning lotions -they go orange. I am thinking of having them treated with Fraxel. Will they go... READ MORE

Best Treatment for Brown Spots and Large Pores on Asian Skin?

I had light brown spots on the side of eyes and a skin laser spa recommended for a Fraxel treatment to improve the melasma and big pores on my... READ MORE

Is Fraxel Refine Effective for Crow's Feet?

I am 24 considering Fraxel Re:fine for crow's feet. I had BOTOX when I was 22 and was not happy with the result. I have done research on Fraxel,... READ MORE

Concealing Discoloration from Fraxel Laser Treatment?

I had Fraxel done a few days ago, and I need to go back to work soon. Can I use concealers and foundation to cover up the brown discoloration due to... READ MORE

Picosure Focus vs Fraxel Dual laser peel?

Hi. I am 45 years old with some sun damage/brown spots and some light wrinkles with lighter olive skin tone. Which do you recommend for skin... READ MORE

Treatment of Minocycline Induced Hyperpigmentation with Fraxel? (photo)

I've undergone several Fraxel Dual treatments to treat minocycline hyperpigmentation but have seen little improvement. It's very depressing.... READ MORE

Does Fraxel Restore Work for Above Eye Crepiness?

I'm 50yrs, have sun damage, a few lines around my eyes and mouth. What most bothers me is the creapiness above my eyes and the brown spots. What... READ MORE

Can I Use Fraxel Restore and IPL During The Same Period of Time?

...i have brown spots ,acne scars (but still have active acne), my skin is dehydratated..can i both use the fraxel restore and IPL in the same period... READ MORE

Is a Fraxel laser treatment working even you haven't peeled or gotten brown spots ?

I got my Faxel laser done 5 days ago and the first two days my skin was tight and dry my doctor said after two days I can use my facial cream to... READ MORE

Second Fraxel Laser Treatment Possibly Had No Effect?

I had my second Fraxel Restore done 5 days ago. After the first one, I had a lot of redness, and a "machine pattern", then appeared on my face with a... READ MORE

How Do People Get Multiple Sessions with Fraxel Dual?

How can people possibly do multiple sessions of Fraxel Dual? I did 1 session and the whole 7-10day process was more than I can possibly imagine to... READ MORE

Can fraxel laser be used on arms?

I have numerous brown spots on my arms and wondered if fraxel laser or IPL might help correct this? Also, is there a chance of "rebound" hyper... READ MORE

Fraxel 5 Days Post Op on my Arms, Still Have the Sandpaper Texture and Brown Dots?

Its my 5th day post fraxel on my arms but the sandpaper effect and the brown dots are stil not gone, my arms are still a little pink. i got fraxel... READ MORE

It's been 2 weeks since I had my Fraxel and I'm now covered with tiny brown dots and hyperpigmentation. Is this normal? (photo)

I see no sign of improvement or peeling at all. The actual damage is more severe than what the photos depict. READ MORE

1 weeks post op Laser fraxel, I have sand paper brown spots. Is this normal?

I have a scar on my lower right abdomen and went in for fraxel treatment a week ago. I was reading previous comments left by doctors that said after 7... READ MORE

I have pigmentation on my cheek and nose. Will Fraxel be effective?

I have pigmentation on my cheeks and nose like brown spots from sun. I m getting fraxel laser treatment .is that good and effective READ MORE

For a Dermatologist Doctor. What Do I Have Do with the Hiperpigmentation? Fraxel Restore Laser Could Be a Good Solution?

I got a blue peel but unfortunately for me this treatment damage my skin and I have more brown spots that before and skin looks uneven. Hidroquinone... READ MORE

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