Brown Spots and Rough Skin After Fraxel Restore

It has been 2 days since my first Fraxel Restore treatment. My face feels like sandpaper and has a pattern of tiny brown spots on it. Is this normal, and will this go away?

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Fraxel Restore results: On the right track

The response your skin is having is entirely normal. The sandpaper effect is called bronzing and is a normal occurrence. The dark spots are also normal. The pigment that you are now seeing is also a normal response. This is the damaged pigment (or photo damaged skin) raising. This is actually positive and it will more than likely result in optimal outcome.

Stay moisturized and wear sunsceen even in inclimate weather. If you experience anything you are unsure of contact the doctor or technician that provided the treatment for a follow-up.

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Brown Spots and Rough Skin Two Days After Fraxel re:store

Hi Maureen,

It is normal to have rough skin and tiny brown spots two days after Fraxel re:store. At about the third to fourth day you should notice a fine powdery peeling of these spots and rough skin. By the seventh day your skin should feel back to normal. Keep your skin well moisturized and avoid direct sun exposure. Use your sun block. Good luck with your healing and be well.

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Rough Spots After Fraxel Restore Will Go Away


The concept of the Fraxel Restore is that each of the microscopic laser spots is separated from the other by normal skin so that there is no full ablation of the skin.  What you are seeing is the laser spots as they come to the surface naturally and exfoliate typically 4-5 days after your treatment.  By seven days, all the spots on the face should gently and naturally fall off.  We recommend not exfoliating yourself since it will prolong any redness you may have and potentially irritate your fresh new skin!


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Fraxel laser produces rough skin for a few days

The body gets rid of the lasered damaged dermis by expelling it out through the epidermis in tiny channels made by the fractional laser energy. As these MENS are removed you will see flaking, bronzing and feel roughness before it becomes smooth and the tiny dots will disappear.

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Fraxel Restore Brown Spots

What you are experiencing is completely expected.  This effect is called "bronzing" and that is what is causing the sandpaper feel.  The brown spots are pigment that is not supposed to be in your skin; either sun damage, age spots, etc. They look darker because they are coming to the surface, dying and then going to shed away.  Keep the skin hydrated and protected with a  UVA/UVB broad spectrum sunscreen.  Do not help peel or pick at the skin shedding away because you are taking the risk of possibly hypo- or hyperpigmenting your skin.  Follow the post-instructions the technician gave you and you
should be pleased with the result you see in about a week.



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