Brown Skin + Fraxel Laser

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Are Scab Like Dots Normal After Fraxel Dual?

Are scab like dots normal after fraxel dual? I had fraxel dual, im not sure which one of the wavelengths was used but i have small scab dots from... READ MORE

Post 1 Year Fraxel Damage; Am 20, HAD Indian Light Brown Baby Smooth Skin?

Went to cheap spa 4 pearl laser from inexperienced assistant. Burned skin (required steroid cream from doctor), worse everyday; lines, track marks,... READ MORE

Will Fraxel Restore Dual Work for Hyperpigmentation?

Will fraxel restore dual work for hypepigmentation on light brown skin? Also will it work for flat scars that are discolored? Why have i read so many... READ MORE

What should I do to even out my skin, 17 weeks after Fraxel?

I did 2 fraxel laser treatments for the stretch marks on my butt cheeks. I am of indian descent and have brown skin. The area where the machine ran... READ MORE

Is Fraxel Re:fine Effective in Treating Brown Asian?

My dermatologist said that it would be best if she used the fraxel re:fine in treating my acne scars to avoid pigmentation because im asian and i have... READ MORE

Discoloration 1 year after Fraxel Laser. (photos)

Its been an year but the scar is still of lighter color than skin color. I took 4 sittings of fractional laser. Earlier it was better as it was not... READ MORE

What is the best way to get rid of PIH after Fraxel dual for brown skin?

I had a fraxel treatment done on my cheeks four weeks ago. I started to notice PIH after 2nd week of treatment. I went back to my dermatologist and... READ MORE

Does Fraxel Laser on people from India? (Photo)

Does fraxel laser work on people from India . I am medium to light Brown in colour . Is this recommended to lessen the darkness or can you suggest... READ MORE

I've been suffering from Melasma for 20 yrs. Can u recommend someone on the west coast for fraxel laser?

I have dark brown skin and Melasma on several spots. Can u recommend someone on the west coast for fraxel laser? I have tried everything else! READ MORE

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