2 Months Post-op + Fraxel Laser

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Fraxel Restore Dual Orange Peel Texture of Skin and Fine Lines?

Hello I am 8 weeks post one and only fraxel restore dual for small and not deep isolated scars. The treated areas have orange peel texture with tiny... READ MORE

Still Very Red 8 Weeks Post Fraxel Restore. Is This Normal? What Do You Recommend?

I am 8 weeks post fraxel laser restore on chest and still very red.I saw my board certified dermatologist that did my laser treatment today. He... READ MORE

Endoscopic Brow Lift Using Bone Cement, and U/L Bleph, With Fraxel Laser Complications? (photo)

Day 53 post op: 1 - My recovery from the laser was absolutely HORRENDOUS. My pics below say it all - My face today after 53 DAYS is still as red as a... READ MORE

Will this dark-grey skin around my mouth and forehead ever disappear? I had Fraxel more than 2 months ago. (Photo)

I am Hispanic, 45, dark skin, and had Fraxel. I wanted to treat Melasma spots on my cheeks but was left with a dark-grey skin shadow around my mouth... READ MORE

Long term damage from fraxel restore?

Pinholes, larger pores, Orange peel & rough texture, leathery uneven skin tone, a mask like pigmentation, face full of micro holes more scars &... READ MORE

Is Hyperpigmentation Permanent After 2 Months of Fraxel Re:fine Caused by Non Compliance of Sunscreen?

Hi,I had my last treatment(total 3) of fraxel Refine in the month of sept. I maintained applying sunscreen for the next 2 months but i was non... READ MORE

Fraxel Re Store Dual Damage?

Hello I had a Fraxel re store dual procedure 7 weeks ago to treat a small surgical scar on the bridge of my nose and a couple of light small acne... READ MORE

Red, bumpy facial skin two months after Fraxel treatment. Is there something wrong? Will this fade eventually?

I had fraxel on my face two months ago. My skin appears to have a kind of cobblestone feel and look, and it is still red, somewhat splotchy. I hope... READ MORE

Round shape face after laser. Is this swelling in my cheeks and nose permanent?

Had my Fraxel dual two months ago, my face is like round shape and i have extreme swellingness especially in my cheeks area and nose is this permanent? READ MORE

How long would it take for the redness to disappear from fraxel treatment?

I had my 2nd session done two months ago and my cheeks are still red. I had fraxel to treat my acne scars and the doctor went very aggressive on my... READ MORE

2 months post op Fraxel Laser, I have no oil when every time I wake up. Is this normal?

Had my fraxel dual last two months my skin is so oily but after the treatment I observed that my face isn't oily that much and no sweat glands... READ MORE

Is it safe to use triluma to resolve PIH after Fraxel Dual?

I had fraxel laser done about two months ago. I did not have any pigmentation before the treatment just a few deep scars. After the treatment my skin... READ MORE

How long will it take to see results from fraxel laser treatment?

I had my first fraxel laser treatment on acne scars in the last of december 2013. And after almost two months I haven't seen any result. I don't have... READ MORE

Eye irritation from fraxel dual. Any suggestions?

My eyes gets easily irritated whenever I shed tears or yawning I've noticed this didn't happened to me before fraxel two months ago does my eyes... READ MORE

How do I get rid of a dark spot? (Photo)

It's a been about 10 weeks sence I had Fraxel laser on my face for scars. All the spots healed pretty nicely beside one up near my eye. It has turned... READ MORE

Why does Fraxel cause open pore texture and what can be done to rectify it? Why do doctors continue to deny it?

I had a fraxel 7 weeks ago. My skin is ruined. I have huge pores. Everyone can see the problems. Why was I told it's a simple and risk free... READ MORE

Light Blanket Hyperpigmentation After Fraxel Restore? (photo)

I had a single fraxel treatment two months ago, and left with light blanket hyper-pigmentation on my right cheek. Strangely, only the right side had... READ MORE

Worried about possible permanent damage from Fraxel Laser Treatment. (photos)

I am 40 yrs old and had "spot" fx laser treatment done on February 2nd of this year. I had a few spots on both cheeks and tip of my nose that were... READ MORE

How to treat this damage from Fraxel Dual? (Photo)

I know about possible side effects from laser, like orange peel texture and acne, loss of fat, etc. but what are those white bumps? How to treat them?... READ MORE

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