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FemiLift is a minimally invasive procedure that can tighten the vagina, improve menopausal dryness, and reduce urinary incontinence. A laser handpiece is inserted into the vagina and delivers precise laser energy into the tissue. The procedure is virtually painless, lasts about 30 minutes, and doesn’t require any downtime.

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32, 6 Vaginal Deliveries. WELL WORTH IT. - Rockford, IL

So I've been reluctant to post this review just yet. I really wanted to wait until a few months post 3rd procedure to chime in, because I think that is the most daunting of questions, for me anyhow- "does it last?" But I figured that it's also nice to be able to follow a persons journey. While... READ MORE

53 Year Old with Urinary Incontinence

I had been experiencing varying degrees of incontinence. Dr. Gulinson offered Femilift as an option. The treatment was simple, with little discomfort. Dr. Gulinson and his staff are gracious and helpful. I have experienced improvement. I'm not sure if Femilift is the primary contributor as I... READ MORE

Fantastic Treatment After Cervical Cancer Surgeries

I had cervical cancer and had to have a hysterectomy (total) and also have my ovaries removed. Although the surgeries did treat the cancer successfully, it left me not wanting to have sex with my husband. There was little feeling, no moisture and sex was painful. Dr. Kowalski suggested the... READ MORE

34 Yr Old Female Wanting More Vaginal Wetness, Tightness and More Sensitivity - Fort Myers, FL

The Femilift procedure has made my sex life so much better! My husband and I both could tell a difference after one treatment, and a huge change after my second. The procedure took a matter of minutes and was pain less. I only experienced mild discomfort, no spotting or discharge. I have had... READ MORE

47 Y/o with Urinary Incontinence

I am on my second treatment of the FemiLift laser for urinary incontinence. I was a little nervous and disappointed after my first treatment since I didn't feel much of a difference, but now after the second treatment I feel a huge improvement. I would wake up 6 times each night because of my... READ MORE

55 Years Old/Painful Intercourse Due to Menopause - Bel Air, MD

I had my Femilift done at Bala Family Practice/Day Spa after consulting with Dr. Bala. I had extreme pain during intercourse due to menopause and someone best described it as feeling like razors cutting you up inside. After my first treatment in July, I noticed a considerable improvement with... READ MORE

Femi Lift

I have struggled with urinary stress incontinence for years with two failed Bladder sling surgeries. Femi Lift was a great non-surgical, pain free option with no downtime. My symptoms have improved greatly since completing the three treatments. What a feeling of freedom not having to worry... READ MORE

27 and Just NOT Tight. Santa Monica, CA

I have received 3 treatments to date of femi- lift spaced 6 weeks apart. I am due for my fourth and final treatment beginning of October. *No children, I have never been pregnant. * After my first treatment, there was NO difference in tightness. No swelling or sore feeling just discharge.... READ MORE

Vaginal Dryness, Atrophy & Leaking Bladder - Beverly Hills, CA

Menopausal symptoms despite hormone replacement therapy. Tired of using messy creams and worrying about bladder leakage. My symptoms greatly improved after the first of a series of 3 treatments last Fall & just completed my 1 year follow up 4th treatment and still very happy. The dryness... READ MORE

Mommy of 3, Changed my Life!!!! - Englewood, CO

Being in my 20's I thought I was young but still felt and knew something was wrong with me. After my third child I felt even looser and my husband complained of not being able to feel my walls. I lacked confidence and self esteem. I started fights just to avoid intimacy with my husband, because... READ MORE

56 Years Old /Bala Family Practice - Bel Air, MD

This was recommended by Dr Bala. I had a hysterectomy about 6 years ago. I became extremely dry in the vaginal area to the point that having intercourse with my husband was extremely painful. After one femilift treatment I saw considerable moisture. My husband even noticed. I just had my second... READ MORE

49 Yrs Old ... Femilift is AWESOME - Pewaukee, WI

I was tired of running to the bathroom all the time to go pony and sick of dealing with vaginal dryness so I started searching online for something to help ...then I read about Femilift and had spoke with several other Clinics that do this procedure but just was not 100% sure I wanted to go to... READ MORE

Femlift - Huntington, NY

My problem was urinal leaking and having to wear heavy pads. I went to my OBGYN and she suggestion taking medication by mouth everyday, I did not want to take meds. When I heard about this new procedure, I immediately decided to try it. After my first treatment which just a bit uncomfortable... READ MORE

Not So Lucky - Libertyville, IL

Unfortunately, this procedure did not live to the expectations as outlined by my doctor and the literature provided. After having three consultations, the leakage has not diminished. In fact, it has gotten worse. Now on six different occasions over the past four weeks I have experienced... READ MORE

41yr Old Needing a Revamp - Santa Monica, CA

After two vaginal births and weight gain, enjoying sex took a nose dive. I went from multiple orgasmic to lucky if I had one at all. I decided to do something for myself and took advantage of a Groupon promotion. I was a little hesitant at first but after seeing that 100% of the people who... READ MORE

Bala Femilift

I had the Femilift procedure done . It was great no pain no down time results with one treatment no more bladder leaks . I also had outside vaginal area treated for better appearance no more loose skin there . No redness no down time. ???????? This is the best treatment for inside outside... READ MORE

53 Yr Old Dating Much Younger Man Wanted Vaginal Tightening! Phoenix, AZ

After being divorced, two grown children and now dating a much younger man (I thought he was older, he thought I was younger to be honest, he's 38), I felt I needed some help in the intimacy area feeling more confident about my vaginal area as to being tighter. Being physically connected with my... READ MORE

25 Yr Old with 3 Children. Cincinnati, OH

Pros: Tightness Moisture (if you are really dry down there) Cons: Possibility of having to get this procedure a year or two later if the tightness goes away with age. Procedure: Painless in the beginning. The doctor sticks the probe all the way inside and works her way down to the opening of... READ MORE

69 Year Old with Urine Leakage & Vaginal Dryness. Santa Monica, CA

I am 69 years old woman. I had been experiencing urine leakage while laughing, sneezing, coughing plus frequent urination. I also had vaginal dryness and always needed lubricant. I did the 3 femilift procedures with Dr. Ghozland. It was the best decision I made. The femilift procedure is truly... READ MORE

Laser Vaginal Tightening Works! - Englewood, CO

For the last 2-3 years I wanted to tighten my vaginal area without surgery. I found Dr. Aguirre on this site. He is a kind man and takes the time to really listen to your issues. I felt relaxed at every visit. His staff is amazing as well. From the time you walk in the door until you leave is... READ MORE

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