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FemiLift is a minimally invasive procedure that can tighten the vagina, improve menopausal dryness, and reduce urinary incontinence. A laser handpiece is inserted into the vagina and delivers precise laser energy into the tissue. The procedure is virtually painless, lasts about 30 minutes, and doesn’t require any downtime.

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32, 6 Vaginal Deliveries. WELL WORTH IT. - Rockford, IL

So I've been reluctant to post this review just yet. I really wanted to wait until a few months post 3rd procedure to chime in, because I think that is the most daunting of questions, for me anyhow- "does it last?" But I figured that it's also nice to be able to follow a persons journey. While... READ MORE

45 Mother of 3 Boys

I just went in for my consultation today. Next Tuesday, 6/20, is my procedure date. I'm very excited. I am hoping this really helps with some incontinence issues. The bonus would be tightening. I have no issues with dryness. I was lucky enough to find this procedure for half the price at a... READ MORE

Help Femi Lift Bladder Burning & Bulging

I had my second femi lift on Monday and my bladder is so sensitive building a little and burning constantly not just when I pee could the lase damage or have burned my bladder will it heal if it was burned are there any long term damage that could occur I didn't have this problem with my first... READ MORE

Femilift... 38 and in need of vag tightening

So I had my first Femlift yesterday. I booked a consultation after much research and took the plunge. The Dr said I should see a change after 3 sessions but I may need to opt for surgery. The thing is I don't have a bulge, no inconvenience at all, not even when laughing, skipping or doing... READ MORE


I chose this along with PRP injections for lichen sclerosis, and an O shot. Sex was becoming painful and not much fun. So glad I chose this! I had a series of 3 vaginal laser treatments 6 weeks apart, literally within a month I noticed that sex was not painful, I did not have to worry about how... READ MORE

Wanted to Feel Like a 20 Year Old Again - Tampa, FL

I don't feel too loose but would definitely like to feel tighter , just not as sensitive as I would like to be. Some mild stress incontinence when doing jumping jacks etc. Had the 5 minute procedure done today, it was a little uncomfortable but not painful. Extra discharge post procedure. My... READ MORE

Highly Recommended FemiLift

After delivering two large babies I had issues with leaking during exercise. After FemiLift that problem is gone. Doesn't even cross my mind anymore! Also huge improvements during intercourse, my husband noticed a difference in tightness after the first treatment. Couldn't be happier with the... READ MORE

Love This Office

I am a mother of 4 children and when I found out that this procedure was available at Dr. Clark's office, I knew I had to try it. I completed all 3 treatments which were performed one month apart and I am beyond happy and extremely pleased with the results. Katie was beyond amazing at making me... READ MORE

Absolutely Worth It. Dr Gurley is a Wonderful Doctor.

The procedure was quick and painless. I had 3 treatments to tighten my vagina. Results were noticeable after first treatment and improved after each session. My goal was to improve sensation for me and my partner during intercourse. The procedure was effective in achieving this. Dr. Gurley is... READ MORE

42 Years Old, 3 NVDs

I love my partner so much. He is a good size but my vagina was just loose. He loves me so much he never complained over the past 4 years. But I constantly want sex with him because I just don't feel like I was toughed up during sex. We sometimes did anal so he could get the firmness and I could... READ MORE

38 Y/o Married with 3 Children. Wanting to Tighten Up my Vagina..

I'm 38 years old and have been with my husband for 15 years. I LOVE sex, and lately I feel a little looser than normal. I started researching the femilift and Vaginoplasty in 2015. I have no problem with how my vagina looks, I have no incontinence issues I just want my vagina tighter. I went... READ MORE

FemiLift - Amazing!

I am a 57 years old, post-menopause, experiencing painful interdours, waking up several times during the night to urinate, and having a history of breast cancer in my family. In my mind, the estrogen cream treatment was not a viable option, and I do not like to take any medications. So, Dr.... READ MORE

64 year old wanting to tighten up for more pleasurable sexual relations with hubby.

The results of the femilift procedure are fantastic!! The procedure itself was as advertised, easy to do, no down time, no pain. After the first procedure my husband and I both felt a little difference, in the fullness of my vagina. After the second procedure we both were extremely happy; then... READ MORE

After 2 big kids I needed a tightening

This treatment is absolutely worth it!! First let me say Dr. Apgar is amazing, she made sure I felt comfortable. After many hours researching the procedure I decide to go on with it, I had an amazing consultation with Dr. Apgar. My number one reason was my sex life, I felt like I was so loose... READ MORE

39 with 3 big babies and mild prolapse

I had my first femilift yesterday and will be going back for two more spaced one month apart each session costing 1250nzd. The procedure itself took less than 10 minutes and although slightly uncomfortable in some parts it ranged from feeling like a very mild vibration to a sting. Since... READ MORE

37yrs old and experiencing incontinence so I chose femilift

Im 37yrs old and no kids. I'd decided to do somethingfor my self, something to improve my womanhood as I started to notice some very mild incontinence. So I read about Femilift and thought why not....it's been a week since my first treatment, no pain or discomfort. Had some leak which was... READ MORE

Wow. What a Difference - Denver, CO

This procedure gave our sex life "New Life." I thought I needed to accept the fact that something physically had changed in me, and that sex was no longer going to be the incredible experience that it used to be. Then I read about this procedure. Though I was skeptical, I knew we had to give it... READ MORE

51 Years Old Post Menopause and with Having Had a Full Hysterectomy - Glendale, AZ

Making a choice to make any kind of drastic change to my body is frightening. Dr. Gulinson's has offered not only the education and information to remove all doubts and fears, but has also been 100% correct in all of his recommendations. He doesn't candy coat the process, which I like, which... READ MORE

FemiLift BEST Decision and Investment Ever - Austin, TX

I have had urine leakage issues since before I ever had children. After 2 kids it was even worse. Anytime I sneezed, coughed or even tried to jog, I would have some leakage. I was researching options and read about Femilift. My favorite rejuvenation center (Hall Plastic Surgery and... READ MORE

42 Mother and Wife

After having my last child my ability to hold my urine became impossible. I had leakage when I ran or did any type of exercise. After having the last procedure I was able to do all of those things again without leaking or running to the restroom. So happy I chose to have it done and I would... READ MORE

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