Fat Transfer Videos

Learn About Cheek and Jowl Reduction With Liposuction

Dr. Gilbert Lee shows his technique for liposuction of the cheeks and jowls on a 60-year-old woman. VIEW NOW

Correcting Under Eye Bags — The Doctor Explains

Dr. Gilbert Lee describes his technique for fat grafting to the tear troughs. VIEW NOW

Watch This Woman Get Fat Grafting to Her Tear Troughs

Dr. Gilbert Lee treats a 60-year-old woman with fat grafting to the tear troughs. He describes his technique and shows you what to expect. VIEW NOW

The Benefits of Fat Grafting

Dr. Michael Law discusses how he uses fat grafting in his practice to help rejuvenate the face, especially the eye area. As we age facial fat atrophy occurs. Fat grafting can help to address this issue. Before and after pictures are shown. VIEW NOW

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A Doctor Prepares for Fat Transfer after VASER Liposuction

Watch Dr. Andre Berger as he prepares the harvested fat for transferring. VIEW NOW

Filling in the Neck Lines With a Fat Transfer

Dr. Kevin Tehrani performs a fat transfer to fill in prominent lines on a woman's neck using fat from the abdomen. The lines could be injected with fillers, but fat will be a permanent solution. VIEW NOW

Improving Your Look With Facial Fat Grafting

Dr. Tim Neavin explains how a fat graft can be used to rejuvenate or remodel the face, providing you with the volume and structure you desire. This procedure can be done while you are awake or asleep. VIEW NOW

What are My Options for Brazilian Butt Lift Revision?

Dr. Thomas A. Pane explains that it is very rare for someone to say that the end result is too big, although it does happen occasionally. He discusses how you can go about correcting your BBL to achieve the desired result. VIEW NOW

Facelift With Fat Grafting: See This Woman 1 Week Post-Op

Dr. Pramit Malhorta speaks with a 70-year-old woman after he performed a facelift with facial fat grafting from the abdomen. The fat was injected into her tear troughs, midface, nasolabial folds and marionette lines. VIEW NOW

From C to D Cup With Implant Exchange and Fat Transfer: See This 57-Year-Old 2 Months Post-Op

A lean, athletic woman discusses her experience with Dr. Melek Kayser 8 weeks after fat transfer and exchanging her sub-muscular 350cc implants to 440cc textured over the muscle anatomical gels to correct deformities. VIEW NOW

What is the Best Treatment for My Eye Bags?

Dr. Amiya Prasad reviews a question from a 20-year-old with hereditary, puffy eye bags that are causing a tired and unhappy look. Dr. Prasad suggests treatment options to improve the appearance of under eye bags with natural-looking results. VIEW NOW

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Face and Neck Lift With Fat Grafting for a Youthful and Natural Appearance (GRAPHIC)

Dr. Johnny Franco explains how he strives to achieve a natural, younger look as he performs surgery on a woman. VIEW NOW


Facial Makeover: A Woman Discusses Her Results 3 Days After Multiple Surgeries

Dr. Philip J. Miller speaks with a woman three days after he performed a facelift, neck lift, lower eyelid surgery, cheek augmentation via a fat transfer from the stomach and shaved down a mole. VIEW NOW


Mini Facelift, Fat Grafting, and Chin Liposuction — See Tammy's Results 1 Day & 1 Week Post-Op

Tammy had a mini facelift, chin liposuction, facial fat grafting from inner thigh, and thigh liposuction performed by Dr. Pramit Malhorta. See what she thinks of her results. VIEW NOW

Fat Grafting With Facelift Surgery — The Doctor Explains

Dr. Edwin Williams discusses the advantages and disadvantages of fat grafting in conjunction with face lift surgery. VIEW NOW