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How Soon After a Full Face Fat Graft Can I Safely Get my Touch-up?

Hello, Had a full face fat graft about 5 weeks ago. Doctor built a nice foundation, but I see that i did not quite get the fullness that I wanted in... READ MORE

Fat Transfer Results and Touch-ups

How Long Do Fat Transfers to the Face last and Typically will the Physician do Touch Ups included in cost READ MORE

Fat graft touch-up: I've read the second round "takes" better than the first. What is your experience?

Fat transfer touch-up: What is your experience? Does the second round "take" better than the first? Is there less reabsorption? I lost a lot of volume... READ MORE

Can my fat be saved to use for touch ups after my initial fat graphing?

Can the doctor save some of my fat to use as a touch up in about 3 to 6 weeks after the initial fat graphing? Or do we have to go through the whole... READ MORE

What's the minimum and / or recommended time for fat injection transfer touch up?

I've had correction on my torso for indentations, but have read it could be anywhere from 3months to 12 months. Also, are the touch up procedures as... READ MORE

How soon can I get full face fat transfer touch up?

I had fill face fat transfer 4 months ago. My naselabiol line didnt take the fat that well. How soon can I get a touch up? READ MORE

Follow-up question about fat transfer

Hi. You recently answered a question of mine and referred to patent #2. Her results are amazing! My question far out is she in her before and... READ MORE

Fat grafting. When would be a good time to touch up?

I'm 10 weeks out from full facial fat grafting. I see improvement but feel that I will benefit from more fat, especially there's slight asymmetry... READ MORE

Pain after fat transfer to calves. (photos)

5 september 2016 i had fat trasferred to my calves....last week i went for a touch up on 9 january 2017........its now been 10 of my legs... READ MORE

Fat transfer with filler?

Can i have a Touch up with fat transfer for my cheeks , évén if i have had filler since 8 mounths ? Thank you READ MORE

4 months post op full face fatgrafting - How soon can i get a touch up?

I am in the thirties and got full face fat grafting 4 mo tha ago. The swelling for my nasalobial line has subsided and i realized that area didnt take... READ MORE

Touch up procedure.

Hi, i recently had a bbl done and fat removal in my arms, back and transfer to my butt and breast, even though I'm happy with my results (4 months) my... READ MORE

Fat graft - use old fat for touch up?

Im in my 20s and want to do fat to under eyes, cheeks and smile lines. is it usual to do touchup after 6months? it seems like most of the time, touch... READ MORE

How early should one consider fat grafting to counter anti-aging?

Would it cause the patient to have a unnatural look (like those who had fillers?) . Are patients expected to have a free touch up for this procedure? READ MORE

Fat injected in under eye, lower cheek & temple area nearly gone 1.5 months later. Do fat cells transferred regenerate?

1.5 months post-op & I'm basically at my starting point again. I've reached out to my surgeon a number of times for reassurance, but his only... READ MORE

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