Sagging + Fat Transfer

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Does Analogous Fat Transfer Lead to Sagging Facial Skin?

Once the injected fat dissipates, will the skin then sag? It stands to reason that delicate facial skin can remain stretched out after the injections... READ MORE

Is Fat Grafting Alone Enough To Treat Sagging Skin and Marionette Lines? (photo)

Is fat grafting alone enough to take care of the marionette lines and the sagging skin or is mid face lift the better choice for this face? READ MORE

Sagging After Fat Transfer

What can be done about this sagging after a f/t surgery (1 year after). I have had fillers injected and they worked well but the loose saggy skin and... READ MORE

Is 300cc enough fat for a fat transfer to butt? Will it make a difference, how much fat will stay? (photos)

I want lipo and fat transfer, would like a rounder bigger butt. Dr, recommends lipo to thighs(inner,outer,banana roll) he said he never does more than... READ MORE

I had a bad Fat Graft while overseas. My cheeks are sagging & lips are uneven. Was too much fat used? (photos)

I'm 25yo female. I did a fat graft to my face 15 days ago (2 wks out post surgery) on the forehead, temple, front cheeks, chin, and lips and now I am... READ MORE

Pre-op fat Transfer to Face: Does Anyone Have Any Other Opinions on What I Need? (Photos)

From my perspective I see saggy skin that drooped down to the jowl area but then again maybe my hollow eyes and nasolabials just got a little bit... READ MORE

I Recently Had a Fat Transfer to my Face and Am Unhappy with the End Result?

I have read many articles from Dr's on this website saying that there is no proof that fat lives after it is frozen. My procedure was done by a... READ MORE

Loss of Facial Volume?

I would like to replace lost volume in my face which is causing some skin sagging and awful looking skin but I have atypical facial pain and have been... READ MORE

Looking at facial fat transfer, also thread lift

Is it advised to do the thread lift first of fat transfer, due to weight loss face is hollow and sagging. READ MORE

Can fat transfer to the face cause sagging over a number of years?

I am considering getting a fat transfer for my under eye hollows and to my cheeks. What worries me are the reports of fat transfer looking great at... READ MORE

Vampire Fat Graft (PRP Mixed with the Fat Graft) to Face and Breasts??

I lost 12 kilos of my weight and that made me lose my cheecks and both are sagging and lack the youthful look..i hate the idea of... READ MORE

Do I have enough fat to get that desired look? If yes what areas best to lipo and transfer to buttocks? (Photos)

Hello all :), I wAnt To achieve that inverted heart shape type of waist and buttocks, (wish pictures are the 2 last ones), been told i dont have... READ MORE

Facial fat transfer? With or without facelift surgery? (Photo)

I would like opinions as to what specific facial rejuvenation procedures I should consider. I have volume loss and seem to have more loss on my right... READ MORE

Fat grafting cause the face to sag? (Photos)

I had full facial fat grafting (cheeks, nasolabial folds, forehead) 12 days ago. I'm happy how it looks like on the 1st few days because my face looks... READ MORE

What can be done to fix chipmunk cheeks after too much fat transfer?

In April 2015 had lower facelift, lower eye bleph and fat transfer into cheeks. Now I have puffy, saggy bags on my lower face, as if the fat actually... READ MORE

Face uneven after fat graft and thread lift. Any suggestions? (photos)

6 months ago, I had: 1) Fat graft all over face to fill hollowness around eyes and cheeks and 2) Thread lift for slightly sagging jowls w/ 8 threads... READ MORE

I'm as skinny as a tooth pick. How can I get a fat transfer?

Im flat chested saggy nipples. cant gain weight. please help me READ MORE

Would it be reasonable to consider a fat grafting procedure first, and then a lift a few months later? (photos)

I have sagging, slightly tuberous, size-discrepant breasts (one is 75cc's larger than the other). I have a large amount of fat that could be used for... READ MORE

How does a face that had fat grafting done in mid 30s look 10, 20, 30 years later?

Does extra fat in the face cause sagging due to weight? Will I regret the procedure when I'm older? READ MORE

Cheek Lift and Aspiration of Silicone and Fat Options?

I'm a 37 year old woman who had fat transfer to my cheeks around 10 years ago and (maybe silicone injections). I'm not 100% sure i had silicone... READ MORE

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