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Brazilian Butt Lift, Fat Transfer, Grafting: What's the Difference?

I had a botched vaser lipo procedure. I've been to a couple surgeons since. Two said that they coudnt help me. One said that he could take some of the... READ MORE

When Considering a Fat Transfer is Better to Have Smart Lipo or Vaser Lipo?

I am 38 yrs. old wt 108 lbs ht 5'1. I have a fair amount Of fat in my upper, lower abdomen and flanks. After going to about 6 different doctors, I... READ MORE

Is fat transfer a good option than implants? What are the pros and cons for fat transfer to your breast?

How often do you do the fat transfer to your breast? What happens to the fat when working out? READ MORE

Are Strip Fat Grafts Easier to Remove Than Fat Injections?

I'm considering getting f/gs, but just in case i don't like where they're placed, i'm wondering which of the two would be easier to... READ MORE

Fat transfer or cheek implants to widen a face? (Photos)

Hi! I would like to widen my face with a squarish, not rounded, natural look. I was suggested cheek implants since I have no cheeks at all, but after... READ MORE

Perma-Lip OR Dermal Fat Transfer? Which should I get?

What are the pro's - Cons of each? What do you feel will suit me better and where top bottom, edges? I want my lips to look like Lindsay Lohans IDC... READ MORE

What is the general cost for fat transfer in tear troughs?

My sister and I are considering fat transfer for tear troughs over fillers. What is a ballpart cost? What are pro's and con's of using fat over filler? READ MORE

Would fat transfer or fat grafting be suitable for me and what are the pros and cons? (Photo)

Over the last month I feel volume has been lost in my face and I look older! I'm only 31 and would love a fuller face but not really upto putting... READ MORE

Pros and cons of fat injection in the nose?

What are the pros and cons of having fat injected into your nose to help with indentation and widening the sides of nose? And also under the scar of... READ MORE

What are the pros and cons of Fat Grafting before Facelift?

There many discussions pointing out pros and cons of fat grafting during or after face lift. I want to do fat grafting now and to do face lift 2/3... READ MORE

What is the pros & cons of trans fat graph?

What is the pros & cons of trans fat graph? i am very hollow from an aggressive lower bleph last year. also from a distance my eyes look even worse... READ MORE

Fat transfer and fillers - the difference ?

What is the difference between fat transfer and fillers for the face ? Pros and cons and cost and effects Thank you READ MORE

Fat transfer to lips?

I am exploring the possibility of getting Fat Transfer into my Lips. I've always been unhappy of the thinness of my lips. I do not want to go the... READ MORE

Fat transfer and breast lifts: Are multiple procedures more or less costly when done in the same surgical setting?

What is the differenc between plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery? Is it possible to loose to much weight where there is. It enough fat to harvest... READ MORE

A plastic surgeon stated that he can inject facial fat using cannulas inserted into the corners of my mouth. Pros and cons?

I have lost volume around my mouth and in my upper cheeks. Can harvested fat be injected into both corners of my mouth to reach these areas adequately... READ MORE

Brava or stem cells?

Pros and cons of each? Which is more effective? Do multiple sessions fat transfer cost more and if so by how much? READ MORE

Fat transfer to upper cheeks & chin & nose lift (bottom) for round face. What are the cons? (Photo)

Wanted to improve my facial features with fat grafting to cheeks (currently do hyaluronic gel) lift of bottom nose. Will the augmented chin make my... READ MORE

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