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Will Laser Genesis Negatively Affect Area Where Fat Transfer Was Performed?

I had fat transer under my eyes about 6 months ago. How will the laser genesis affect that area of my face? READ MORE

What do I do 8 weeks after fat injections under my eyes? (photos)

I got fat injections under my eyes 8 weeks ago and the bruising and swelling hasn't gone down. My doctor says to do antibiotics and another treatment.... READ MORE

Deep laser peeling + lipofilling for smile lines? (Photo)

I was looking for permanent solution so I found lipofilling. But I got some mixed answers from doctors. Some say it wont last long, it needs to be... READ MORE

Question about taking a Z-pack (steroid) for facial swelling after fat grafting and laser on acne scars.

I am so happy with the results in my skin and I trust my doctor's judgment, but I am very worried about how chubby my cheeks appear now. It has been 2... READ MORE

How soon after fat transfer to the face can I have (i) fraxel laser and (ii) a chemical peel?

How long do I need to wait? I do not want to compromise the fat transfer results in any way READ MORE

Temple fat trasfer in 2016, is it worth it and why?

My doctor is doing a CO2 laser on my face, she suggested a fat transfer to my temples at the same time as I will be under general anesthesia. I see a... READ MORE

Can a Temple fat transfer give upper face a lift?

Plastic surgeon recommend a temple fat transfer to give upper face a lift, I am also having C02 laser at the same time. Can I get a lift to the upper... READ MORE

Fat transfer to the face and CO2 laser done at the same time, 3 weeks ago. Will the fat stay the way it looks now?

I had facial fat trasfer and CO2 laser done 3 weeks ago, and I love the results. My swelling is gone and I have no bruising. I like the amount of fat... READ MORE

Fat transfer for laser scarring. How long is a usual recovery from this procedure?

My ps suggested FT to my combination with other resurfacing help my face from the inside and outside. how long is a usual... READ MORE

Is it safe to remove blackheads after fat grafting?

I had fat transfer 2 weeks ago and it was injected inside the muscles as well as superficially to fill in acne scars after subcision. I also had CO2... READ MORE

Can fat be transferred to areas where there is very little/no fat? (Botched Lipo)

I had laser liposuction done on the inner knees a year ago. The doctor took out practically all of the fat from the area above the knee (bottom 1/3 of... READ MORE

I have a laser burn. How do I prevent development of PIH?

I had a black eye due to a procedure and the nurse used laser and burned me three days ago. i blistered and my skin is pink. dermtold me to put... READ MORE

Dark circles worse 8 months after fat transfer. (photos)

Dear RS Doctors, 8 months ago I had a fat transfer to resolve my post-rhinoplasty dark circles (it had been over a year). I'm 30, very fair skinned,... READ MORE

Fat Transfer Question: Is blood supply in that area damaged? If it is, the fat transfer can't possibly take, right?

I'm looking into getting a facial fat graft because I suffered fat loss in an area on my cheek after a laser procedure. I experienced this fat loss... READ MORE

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