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Does Analogous Fat Transfer Lead to Sagging Facial Skin?

Once the injected fat dissipates, will the skin then sag? It stands to reason that delicate facial skin can remain stretched out after the injections... READ MORE

Can Fat Be Absorbed Through the Skin when Applying Moisturiser?

Some moisturizers contain things like coconut oil which is high is saturated fat. Read a study which shows that preterm babies can absorb fat through... READ MORE

Fat Transfer/Grafting to Hips- What Are The Options?

Nice butt w/ no hips, apple. Considering fat transfer from my love handles & back to my hips and partial areas of my butt. No drastic changes, as... READ MORE

Why Facial Transferred Fat is Being Absorbed Just After One Week?

My facial skin has been injected by 40 cc of fat harvested from my abdomen by a syringe-attached cannula. Fat was purified by normal saline and then... READ MORE

Fat Transfer to Cheeks Makes Undereye Bulge when I Smile- Will The Fat Reabsorb In TIme?

Two years ago, I had fat transferred to my cheeks (also had upper & lower bleph). When I smile, my cheeks push up and make bags under me eyes.... READ MORE

Should you massage lumps from fat transfers as soon as possible or wait to see if they reabsorb on their own?

I had fat graft to my lower eyelid area and to my lips 10 days ago. I have a small bump under one eye and one on my upper lip as well as a hard ridge... READ MORE

Is There Much Volume Loss After Breast Augmentation by Fat Transfer Six Months After Surgery?

How much fat is needed to increase bust size one cup with fat transfer, and is there much volume loss 6 months to a year after the surgery? READ MORE

Can ice packs on the face after Facial Fat Transfer freeze the grafts causing them to be reabsorbed?

A doc on realself stated that the ice packs too the face can freeze the grafts. If this happens, is it possible to kill the grafts causing... READ MORE

Must Fat Be Overdone for the Body Own Absortion?

Is it true that fat injections have to be exagerated because of the body's absortion and if so how long does it take for it to go back to normal ...... READ MORE

Will Fat Injections in Marionette Lines Reabsorb? I Don't Like The Results.

I had a tiny bit of fat in my marionette lines 6 weeks ago, it has done nothing to fill the line but looks irregular and bumpy when I smile on the... READ MORE

Where Does the Fat That Does Not Survive After a Fat Grafting Procedure Go?

If fat is grafted from my abdomen to my buttocks and only 60% survives, does the other 40% go back to my abdomen? Does it distribute to several places... READ MORE

Fat Transfer to Cheekbones and Lips. How Much Fat Stays and is It True That Fat Takes Better in Younger People?

I had a fat transfer for my cheekbones and lips and i read from a doctor here that only 3% of the fat can stay from research from ASAPS and ASPS. but... READ MORE

Dermal Fat Graft for Gynecomastia Correction. What is Window of Reabsorption?

Hey all, Recently I had a dermal fat graft to correct a gynecomastia surgery related inverted nipple. My question is what is the window for fat... READ MORE

How to prevent fat absorption after fat transfer to lips?

I had fat transferred to my lips a couple of days ago, and they're great! They have obviously been overfilled to prepare for fat absorption, and I am... READ MORE

Facial Fat Transfer - after 12 days, I'm look almost the same as before. How can I stop the fat absorption?

I had Facial Fat Transfer 12 days ago. After some days of swelling - I looked like a frog or a cat - now almost all the fat is gone. Is there anything... READ MORE

2 weeks post op of Fat Transfer, is it normal to see my face totally recovered from swelling and the fat almost 80% absorbed?

I had a fat transfer in my cheeks and nasolabial folds two weeks ago and I look pretty much the same as before. It seems the fat didnt survive,... READ MORE

Can Sculptra Be Used Successfully After Facial Fat Grafting?

I underwent Facial Fat Grating about 3 months ago and was very pleased with the results. The PS said he was "fairly aggressive" with how much fat he... READ MORE

Facial fat transfer to cheeks 3 weeks ago. One side almost all absorbed, other has 3 raised larger areas. Do I have a problem?

I have a skin autoimmune and lost cheek volume due to stress and illness. Absorbed Restylane quickly, Radiesse left bumps, Sculptra didn't work and Dr... READ MORE

How long does it take the body to reabsorb fat that has been transferred, and why does it take that amount of time?

I read a response that says the body reabsorbes fat that is transferred but dies but how long does it take the body to do this and why does it take... READ MORE

5 Months after Fat Transfer to cheeks, why did it go away so fast?

Hi, I had cheek fat transfer 5 months ago, at about 3 months I noticed it had reduced greatly. I loved my results at 2 months by the way. Now, at 5... READ MORE

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