4 Days Post-op + Fat Transfer

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This is How Day 4 Should Look Like After Fat Transfer to the Eye? (photo)

Is 5.5 milliliters of noncentrifuged fat too much to inject per lower eyelid under the muscle? This is how I look after exactly 4 full days from the... READ MORE

Fats Deposits on Forehead Complication?

I had forehead lipofilling done 4 days ago for my narrow forehead(fats from lower abdomen). After the surgery, there is unevenness at both sides (left... READ MORE

I Just Had Chin Augmentation with Fat but I Dont Like It?

Hi, i just had a chin augmentation with fat filling surgery 4 days ago. And i dont like it at all. Is there anything i can do right now to avoid the... READ MORE

Fat graft to face 4 days post. I feel a very hard lump. What should I do? I need help and advice on how to deal with this issue.

I had a fat graft 4 days ago to the face in a lower cheek. I have a hard lump that hurts when I put my fingers inside my mouth, I can feel the hard... READ MORE

After a Fat Transfer to my lips, one is much bigger, when can I expect to look normal?

I got fat grafting to lips during lipo. The objective was to get more applied to top than the bottom but my bottom lip is swollen more. Currently I am... READ MORE

Can facial movement and laughing after fat transfer harm the fat and affect the results of the surgery?

I had a fat transfer done to my tear troughs , cheeks and chin 4 days ago. For the first3 days i did manage to laugh only a couple of times and i did... READ MORE

I had fat transfer to lips and cheeks 4 days ago; did it succeed?

Im only 20 and i had fat transfer for permenant lip and cheek augmentation (i have really thin lips and face But almost half of the volume in my lips... READ MORE

Fat transfer over filled. Returning to work on December 26th and need this resolved. 5 days post fat transfer to face. (Photos)

Most of the swelling has subsided and my cheekbones look grotesque and overly done.Fat was to be transferred to the hollows. Instead,my hollows look... READ MORE

I have uneven bruising on my lower eye lids after fat transfer. The procedure was done four days ago. Will it heal uneven?

Hi, four days ago I had fat transfer to my temple, lower and upper eye lids. My right lower eye lid have more bruises than the left lower eye lid. My... READ MORE

Nose became arched after fat transfer to fix a gap that seemed like a bump, is it normal and temporary?

After my nose surgery there was a gap that gave the impression that i still had a bump. I returned to my doctor a year later and decided to do a fat... READ MORE

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