1 Year Post-op + Fat Transfer

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Removing lump in upper eyelid caused by fat transfer to eyelids

There has been a lump on my left upper eyelid after the pearl fat grafting. at first my surgeon told me to wait it off, but it has been one and half... READ MORE

How to Fix Bags After Fat Grafting to Cheeks/eyes? (photo)

Hi, I had fat grafting under eyes and in cheeks to fix malar bags, but i'm not happy with the result one year later. I feel it has made the area... READ MORE

Why Has Some of my Fat Transfer Gone Hard Almost 1 Year Later

I have 2 very large areas of hardened fat, namely the cheek and buccal areas. All the fat seems to have clumped together and it's visible through... READ MORE

Fat Injection in Lip Caused Large Hard Lump

One year ago I had fat transfer to my face and my lips. On the lower lip there was always a small bulge just below the lip line, but it wasn't... READ MORE

Can fat transfer be reversed?

I have had fat transfer in my face over a year ago now and I am still not happy with it. There is too much fat in my cheeks and in the bucal area... READ MORE

Neck Lift and Fat Transfer a Little Over a Year Ago, Fat Disappeared, Loose Skin and Jowls? (photo)

A little over a year ago I had a consult to have a neck lift. The doctor also recommended a mini face lift in conjunction with fat transfer. I was... READ MORE

Does a Fat Transfer to Your Face Make Your Skin Dry Eventualy? That Seems to Have Happened to Me.

Hi There 15 months ago, I had some fat transferred, from my thigh and put into my cheeks and forehead.It was O.K, although every so often, my cheeks... READ MORE

Lump After Fat Injection

A year ago my husband had fat injected into his frown lines. A hard lump formed on one side. Three months ago, the doctor tried to removed it and... READ MORE

Fat Transfer Under Eye a Year Ago and It's Hurting?

I had under eye surgery a year ago. He injected fat under my eyes to prevent the hollow look. My left side healed nice and no problems but my right... READ MORE

Could I have a face fat transfer reversed? (Photo)

I had a face fat transfer in my cheeks twice, the first time most of it went away so i opted to do it again. its been over a year now and one side is... READ MORE

1 year post op Fat grafting, I have two lumps. What treatment would you recommend? (photos)

Hello, please sorry for my English, i´m from Germany. 12 Months ago, i had Fat graft to the Malar Region, 1,5 cc left and 1 cc right. Today i dont ... READ MORE

Fat Graft on Face - I Wish To Lose All of It, But How?

My facial fat transfer surgery has been done for a year and so far it has lost great amount around 65% to say conservatively. However I am still not... READ MORE

After a year overgrown fat grafting?

About a year ago i did fat grafting to my cheeks. A year later it looks.like two.bumps have developed near my temple. I went back to surgeon and he... READ MORE

Would Having Cancer Affect the Way a Facial Fat Transfer Would Survive?

Had a mini facelift back in March 2011. Facial fat transfer also done at the same time. Results were gorgeous. By late May, about half of the fat... READ MORE

Why Do I Still Have a Saggy Bag Under my Eye? Fat Transfer Was 1 Yr Ago?

My surgeon did an under eye surgery to try and correct the problem...It still exists. Now I am nervous to go back. What can be done to fix this? READ MORE

Puffy White Edema Caused by Deep Masses Under Lower Eyelids?

I'm in my 20's. Had fat transfer 1yr ago. I did get 3 small cysts I can feel but cannot see under my eyes. Recently saw it is a bit more white and... READ MORE

Am I too skinny to get a fat transfer to butt?? (Photos)

I had liposuction a year ago on upper and lower abdomen, flanks, and waist. I lost 25 pounds. I weigh 118-120 and I am 5'5. Do I have enough fat to... READ MORE

What can I do to fix my neck? Should I try fat transfer or stick with fillers? Should I have worn compression/support? (Photo)

13 mos ago Fat Transfer w/Macs Lift for sagging neck w/bc ps. Didn't work, 6 mos later he repeated both, cut my platysma bands. Told not to wear... READ MORE

Fat transfer after a year is growing without gaining weight. Any suggestions?

I had three fat transfers a year ago. And now my fat in my cheeks and cheekbones after a year are starting to grow a little bigger what I like. But I... READ MORE

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