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Is Facelift Too Premature for a 45 Year Old Woman?

I'm 45 and have under eye bags and nasolabial folds that really bother me. I've gotten 3 different recommendations on what I need, ranging from lower... READ MORE

What Treatments Are Best for Hyperpigmentation Under Eyes Post Facelift?

I am almost four months post-op and the dark areas still very visible. How can I tell if they are bruise stains or dark pigmentation? Would they be... READ MORE

Can a Mid Face Lift Also Improve Mild Skin Laxity Under Eyes?

I am considering a mid facelift and have a small amount of loose skin under my eyes. Would the mid facelift address this or would I have to have... READ MORE

Sagging Skin Around my Eyes and Between Eyebrows?

I'm a 35 year old mom who is suffering from sagging skin under my eyes , uppercheecks, and between my eyebrows . It looks like a sagging eye mask. My... READ MORE

Mid Face Lift or Cheek Lift for Laxity Under Eye?

To correct skin and muscle laxity under the eyes, which procedure has the least chance of changing eye shape? The mid face lift or cheek lift with... READ MORE

Does Facelift Involve Literally Pulling the Skin to Tighten?

I have scars under my eyes. If I have a facelift, would it mean that the scars could be removed as excess skin as the face is pulled up tighter? READ MORE

56 Y/O Japanese Woman - Asian or Western Doctor?

I'm 56 Japanese woman. I would like to remove under eye puffiness and face lift together. Do you recommend Asian specialist Dr or any plastic Dr ?... READ MORE

What Type of Facelift Will Correct Under Eye Hollowness?

Will facelift correct under eye hollowness? Thanks READ MORE

Had Facelift and CO2 Laser 1 Year Apart: Resulted in Bags Under Eyes

How do I have this problem corrected, returned to doctor and he wants to do another lower blephoplasty, the first was done when I had the facelift... READ MORE

I Am 5 Months Post Op Facelift and Belphoraplasty?

At 3 months I noticed shadows developing on my face. Shadows appeared under my eyes to the top of my cheek bones. There is still swelling under my... READ MORE

Mid FaceLift - I want to address under eye hollowness & sag lines under cheeks, what are the possible technique options? (photo)

I seek to address (1) hollowness under the eye, (2) “sag” lines under the cheek bone. To be perfumed with a lower blephoroplasty and lower fac... READ MORE

3 Weeks Post Op Face Lift, Upper/lower Eyelids?

Have a large lump under one eye/above cheek bone and smaller lump under other eye. Seems like soft tissue inflamation. Also have a large "rope"like... READ MORE

Can you have a facelift if you have juvederm in the apples of the cheeks?

I am going for a second facelift plus a necklift after 10 years. About 2 months ago I got some restylane under the eyes and Juvederm to fill out the... READ MORE

I would like to know is which type of surgeries are involved in mini face lift and it's scars are less visible? (photo)

After losing lots of weight,my under eyes areas are extremely  saggy and I feel like fats on my check are also displaced .So,I'd like to undergo... READ MORE

Filler or Facelift? (photos)

Went for a consult today for filler and not sure if it would help? I don't know if I would be better off doing a mini face lift or lower lid surgery... READ MORE

Indention Between my Eye and Check Bone After a Facelift/upper and Lower Lids. Options?

Can an indention from underneath my eye to my cheek bone be repaired after a facelift? I still have a little fat underneath each eye, but a little... READ MORE

Do I need a Facelift? And nose job? (photos)

Hi, im only 20 and i look older than my age.there appears to be shadows under my eyes, and the lines are way lower than they should be. there are also... READ MORE

Would surgery be the best option for my skin elasticity, scars, crow's feet, and vein under my eye? (photos)

These are my problem areas. Scar in-between eyes/ Glabella- I went to get filler in the pox scar, and the injector ended up popping a blood vessel or... READ MORE

Is it possible to have a lateral sweep from a deeplane facelift?

If so why would this Happen? I have hollowing under my eyes and indentations in my malar cheek area that was not there before my deep plane facelift.... READ MORE

Facelift and/or fillers with melasma. Will it cause the melasma to flare? (Photo)

I'm 44 & thin. I have nasolabial folds, significant hollowing in my cheeks & under my eyes, sagging jowls & very loose skin above my jaw line. I would... READ MORE

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