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How Long Does Tightness Last After Facelift?

How Long Does Tightness Last After Facelift? READ MORE

Can a Too Tight Face Lift Improve with Time?

I have significantly noticeable bulges beginning slightly below either side of my mouth and radiating towards my ears where my skin has been pulled. I... READ MORE

Six Months After Full Face Lift and Eyes Surgery...

I did my full face lift and eyes lift surgery 6 months ago in KL. Happy with the results. I went to see my surgeon 4 months ago to make sure... READ MORE

Can Damage or Compression of the Great Auricular Nerve Cause Tightness/Numbness Post Surgery?

Can compression or damage to the auricular nerve manifest itself several (7) months after a face lift and what are the symptoms? What can be done to... READ MORE

My Ear Canals Feel Weird After Surgery, Will This Go Away?

One month after facelift/ neck lift surgery my ears are very uncomfortable. My right ear is worse the tragus (sp?) is tight sort of pushed in a bit. I... READ MORE

Neck Tightness Relief After Facelift?

I had a facelift, and found out that the hardness on the sides of my face may take 6 months to resolve. I ave tightness in my neck the throt area and... READ MORE

Is The Tight Feeling in my Neck and Sides of Face from Scar Tissue Following my Face and Neck Lift?

It's been 12 months since my initial lift, but my board certified plastic surgeon revised the poor jowl and neck result by doing a corset... READ MORE

Are Pulling & Tightness Around Ears After Facelift Always Indicative of Nerve Damage?

Or can these sensations be caused by scar tissue formation or some other cause? I'm at 5 months after facelift and although these very uncomfortable... READ MORE

Puffiness, Lumpiness & Tightness 8 months after full face & eyes lift surgery

- Is there any special medicine I can take or treatment at home I can do, to reduce the rest of puffiness, lumpiness and tightness on the... READ MORE

Is This Normal Healing After Mini-facelift?

4 months ago had mini-lower lift & platysmaplasty. Looks great but many issues with recovery, mostly tightness around both ears, sometimes... READ MORE

Tightness Around Ears 8 Months After Facelift & Eye Lift

I called my Surgeon this morn, bcause feeling so tight @ the front/behind my ears. He said, bcause the scar inside & Winter time in Aust. He... READ MORE

What Can I Do for a Facelift That was Made too Tight?

I had facelift procedure almost one year ago and the results are too tight in my connective tissue. I have tried massage, acupuncture,... READ MORE

15 Days Post-op Face/browlift - Harness and Pain in Jaw and Neck? (photo)

15 days post-op face/browlift. Hardness/tightness in lower jaws and neck. Neck is also painful, lumpy, and red. Had lymphatic massage @ 1 wk - so... READ MORE

Can Tightness & Swelling Following Neck or Face Lift Affect Neck Structures? Which Surgical Method Least Affects Laryngeal Area?

I'm early 50's w/ minor sag (not fat) just under chin. Lower neck & face looks fine. My ENT said "don't cut too far down" (neck) due to R thyroid... READ MORE

1.5 Months After Facelift the Rope of Seroma Going from Start of Jaw to Chin is Still the Same?

It's very tight and burns somewhat and I can deal with that. The doctor put a steroid shot in it and I massage it all the time. If there is nothing to... READ MORE

Neck and Face Getting Becoming More Numb and Tight 7 Months After Face Lift, Why is This?

I had a face lift over 7 months ago. As time passes my neck , jaw line and area behind ears is becoming increasingly tight and numb-- noose like... READ MORE

Can the Sides of my Neck Be Too Tight After Facelift?

Had face and neck lift Jan. 8th. Got hematoma behind right ear Drained with syr By 18th had hematomas behind both ears Left one smaller. Right one... READ MORE

Had Facelift and CO2 Laser 1 Year Apart: Resulted in Bags Under Eyes

How do I have this problem corrected, returned to doctor and he wants to do another lower blephoplasty, the first was done when I had the facelift... READ MORE

Tightness and Banding 6 Months After Midfacelift and Necklift

6 mos. post midfacelift/necklift. I have bluish discoloration on skin flap, cold ears, nose and face. Sallow, pale skin and very uncomfortable... READ MORE

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