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Hot Lump After a Face and Necklift

I have just had aace lift and necklift 2 weeks 5 days ago . i have started to swell more at one side of my neck, it is like a lump and the swelling... READ MORE

Infected incision behind ear? (photo)

Two weeks post op facelift and neck lift. Is it possible I may have a mild infection in this incision, and will washing with hibiclens and applying... READ MORE

Facelift in Hospital Versus in ASC?

I am considering a consult with an exceptionally well-credentialed surgeon, but was taken aback when I learned that he performs all facelifts in a... READ MORE

Could My Facelift have Reactivated Possible Biofilm Infection or Granuloma From Previous Filler Reaction?

Could face lift / eye lift surgery increase your risk of reactivating a possible biofilm infection or foreign body granulomas/nodules caused by a... READ MORE

I might have a slight infection. What do you think? Do I need antibiotics orally? (photos)

Should I be worried. I'm seeing my PS in two days to remove sutures and staples and sent him this pic two days ago. The nurse said to bath and just... READ MORE

4 Weeks Post-MACS One Incision Still Not Healed, Does it Look Infected? (photo)

Does the site look infected? PS on vacation but will see her Tuesday PM. I'm really afraid of "rough" scarring. Other incision did amazing at 10 days... READ MORE

I have seroma, infection, sutures, 3 months post face lift - far from healed. I am scared. Any suggestions?

3.5 months out of a facelift and healed. I developed seromas that were aspirated twice. On my right side, behind the ear and left side on the face.... READ MORE

What can I do about painful stitches around the back of my ears after having a facelift 4 weeks ago?

The stitches behind my ears and down around my ear lobes are quite painful still (making it difficult to sleep) after getting a facelift (4 weeks ago)... READ MORE

Do I need a face lift? (Photo)

I had a right back lower molar removed a few years ago. I had a really bad infection and later had a implant done to replace the tooth. I notice now,... READ MORE

I'm 10 days post face & neck lift with continued swelling and signs of infection at incision site. What can I do?

I am 10 days postop neck and facelift- still have lots of facial and neck swelling- not decreasing- i am following the postop protocol - the chin and... READ MORE

Facelift and Chin Lipo 9 days ago, concerned about wound behind ear not healing, how should I clean it? (photos)

I had facelift and chin lipo 9 days ago. My right ear keeps developing a yellowish ooze and won't heal. My PS recommended warm compresses 2x a day.... READ MORE

Plastic surgery/facelift - infection under chin. (photos)

I had a facelift on January 30th. Now I have this infection under the chin. Doctor started me on Cipro 500mg and silver sulfadiazine 1% cream. He said... READ MORE

Has anyone seen this type of infection after facelift? (Photo)

I've been quite active on this site thoughout my facelift tecovery since having my surgery 12 weeks ago, but have yet to post. I've uploaded a picture... READ MORE

Facelift 11 weeks ago. Do I have an infection?

Hi i had a full facelift 11 weeks ago and was healing very well but 3 days ago the scar line has become red and its like pins and needles pricking... READ MORE

Can sunscreen & sweat get inside mini face-lift scar and cause infection?

Scar on left side, along hair line back of head/neck is very agitated, sore and raised after applying sunscreen and then jogging/walking. Lift was 7.5... READ MORE

I am 96 hours post op for a S-Lift and have developed fluid

When will this subside I have been drained twice daily for three days. Will this effect the S-Lift results? My Ps wants to limit drainage due to... READ MORE

How could be urine infection after catheter removal following Facelift?

I woke up from a sedation for facelift and i saw i have catheter. A catheter was taken out next day. But i had uncomfortableness in there. i thought... READ MORE

Do you think I may have an infection or a irritation of my left eye? Will my vision return to normal in my left eye? (Photos)

I had a face lift and lower/upper eye lid surgery 3 months ago. Everything is healing great except for my left eye. I have been experiencing double... READ MORE

What could cause swelling and numbness in my upper lip on the opposite side of my face that I had a cheek implant removed?

I had facelift, cheek implants, and a chin implant 10 mos ago. My left side continued to stay swollen making me look asymmetrical. At 9 months,an MRI... READ MORE

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