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Realistic Result of Scar from Facelift?

I'm a 54-year-old male who could use a facelift. However, I am afraid that the scars in front of the ears will become too obvious. I'm not a smoker... READ MORE

Face Lift - Looks Awful Behind the Ears?

I live in the Madison, WI area and am seriously considering a face lift. The main thing holding me back is how bad it looks behind the ears...even... READ MORE

When Should Facelift Sutures Be Removed?

How Many Days Post Op from a Facelift Should Sutures in Front of Ears Be Removed, for the best possible chance of limited scarring? Thank you READ MORE

My Ear Canals Feel Weird After Surgery, Will This Go Away?

One month after facelift/ neck lift surgery my ears are very uncomfortable. My right ear is worse the tragus (sp?) is tight sort of pushed in a bit. I... READ MORE

Why Are my Ears Protrduding After my Face Lift?

I had my facelift 4 days ago.. after taking off the bandages to shower I am freaking out. My ears are protruding out like dumbo... READ MORE

How Long Will Skin Puckers Along Incision Lines Last?

How long will skin puckers on the incision lines by ears (on temples) last? They are huge! READ MORE

Protruding Suture After Facelift Stuck on Something?

A suture from a previous Facelift that's just under the surface about two inches below and behind my ear poking out. The plastic surgeon in Costa Rica... READ MORE

Does Greater Auricular Nerve Damage ALWAYS Cause Ear Numbness?

I had a mini lower FL & platysmaplasty 13 months ago (not a Lifestyle Lift - experienced board cert. ps) For the first 9 months I had extreme... READ MORE

Lack of Mouth Movement, Unable to Blink or Pucker: All Results of Facelift?

26 days after mid face lift, I have a knot 1 inch in front of rt ear size of small marble.Upper mouth won't move, can't suck or pucker or say... READ MORE

Facelift Caused Ear to Look Strange

This is after 7 months. The f/l was version of short-scar. Notice it pulls back, or otherwise looks strange. The other side doesn't look like this. ... READ MORE

Infected incision behind ear? (photo)

Two weeks post op facelift and neck lift. Is it possible I may have a mild infection in this incision, and will washing with hibiclens and applying... READ MORE

Does Ear Lobe Numbness After Mini-lift Always Indicate Permanent Damage to Greater Auricular Nerve?

Both earlobes and surrounding skin are numb 10 weeks after mini-facelift. My board certified ps says sensation likely will return. Information on this... READ MORE

Can Ear Lobe, Ear Shape Altered in Lower Face Lift Surgery Be Improved or Fixed? (photo)

I had a face lift and have visible scars on my ears. The ear shape has been changed and also one of my ear lobes has been sewn against my face. See... READ MORE

Facelift 1 month ago. Chin incision doing well. Big hard crusty leaky scabs formed behind ears. Why did this happen? (Photo)

They are down in size but have left a big ugly scar. I'm worried I can't ever wear my hear up and going to Europe in July. They are about the size... READ MORE

Tightness Around Ears 8 Months After Facelift & Eye Lift

I called my Surgeon this morn, bcause feeling so tight @ the front/behind my ears. He said, bcause the scar inside & Winter time in Aust. He... READ MORE

After 5 Years my Ear Pulses with Pain Like a Pin Stuck in There

I had a facelift 5 years ago. The left side of my face and ear were numb and it was painful to touch the skin. Now most of the numbness has gone away... READ MORE

Evolution of Facelift Scar. Revision needed? (Photo)

I am 66 years old and had my third facelift done in April 2014 with a different Dr. The scar in front of my left ear is very visible. After asking... READ MORE

Face/neck Lift (SMAS/platysmaplasty) Three Weeks Ago and Have Left Ear Numbness

Since a face/neck lift 3 weeks ago, the entire outside of my left ear is completely numb (there is slight sensation at the very top of the ear and... READ MORE

My left ear is blocked after face lift. Is this normal?

I had a face lift 5 days ago and woke up with my left ear blocked what could cause this? Is this something that will go away after time? Does this... READ MORE

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