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How Long/How Important Facelift Compression Garment?

I had a facelift that involved liposuction of chin/jowls approx 2 1/2 weeks ago. The compression garment began to push "wrinkles" in my neck so my PS... READ MORE

Face Bra or Face Lift Compression Garment?

Do you think that wearing a face-lift compression garment (or a face-bra as someone calls it) while you sleep can be beneficial to tighten up facial... READ MORE

Facelift recovery and swelling?

Is it necessary to wear a compression mask to control swelling after a facelift? What exactly does the compression do? How long must this be worn? READ MORE

12 days post op Chin Implant, Necklift, Facelift, I am having neck problem. Is this normal? (photos)

I'm 12 days postop for chin implant, necklift, facelift wearing the come/garment and I'm 7 days postop for co2. I didn't know I had to wear the... READ MORE

Having a Facelift and Am Wondering if I Should Wear Cooling or Support Device Afterward?

After facelift and blepharoplasty, would it be recommended to 1) wear a cooling mask and 2) wear a facial compression device? Thank you. READ MORE

Why do some doctors want you to wear a compression garment after a FL/NL for a period of time, and others do not require this?

If it keeps down swelling, why wouldn't all doctors require this? Also,....Is it better to just let the scabing or crusts from the incision stitches... READ MORE

How long is too long to leave sutures in place?

I had a lower face lift and upper eye-lid lift 9 days ago. The surgeon removed the stitches in my eyelids at 7 days, but has left/ will leave the... READ MORE

Not seeing any changes. Any suggestions? (photos)

I had a face/neck lift with fat grafting exactly 4 weeks ago. The first picture is after 2 weeks. The second picture is today. I'm not seeing any... READ MORE

How come some Facelifts don't require a compression bandage or compression band for several days? What is best for healing?

I read that some patients have a compression bandage for several days and some do not. is there a difference in treatments? Like a deep plane lift... READ MORE

Had lower face and neck lift a week ago. Right side of face is accumulating fluid and hurts to chew on this side. Any suggestion

Been drained twice in office and have drain in lower face now with compression. How long can i keep drain in. What is the problem? How when will... READ MORE

Five weeks post-op and ripply neck. (photos)

I am five weeks post op face and necklift with lipo underneath my chin. My neck is still swollen and ripply. I have had three medical lymphatic... READ MORE

Follow-Up Question: Full facelift with upper bleph 5 weeks ago. My eyes look great! My face is slightly different. (photos)

My chin? No difference at all. Immediately following surgery I looked great. Sixteen days after I looked great. Five weeks out I look like I did... READ MORE

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