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Will Facial Nerve & Muscle Return to Normal? (Surgery Was 7 Months Ago)

I had an endoscopic brow/midface lift 7 months ago. It appears that the buccal branch of my facial nerve (on the left side) has been severed or badly... READ MORE

Can Damage or Compression of the Great Auricular Nerve Cause Tightness/Numbness Post Surgery?

Can compression or damage to the auricular nerve manifest itself several (7) months after a face lift and what are the symptoms? What can be done to... READ MORE

What Can Be Done About Behind my Ears for Red Skin, Ridges and Scars, Please, Now I Am 7 Months Post Neck/facelift? (photo)

I have reddened skin, ridges & white scars behind my ears, a very tight scalp & sore tightness around ears. PS attached my lobes but they... READ MORE

Why Do I Have Uneven Cheeks After Fat Transfers and Face Lift? (photo)

I am 7 months post op. I do not have smooth cheeks after fat transfers to areas beside mouth and face lift. What is the cause of this and what can be... READ MORE

Neck and Face Getting Becoming More Numb and Tight 7 Months After Face Lift, Why is This?

I had a face lift over 7 months ago. As time passes my neck , jaw line and area behind ears is becoming increasingly tight and numb-- noose like... READ MORE

7 Months After Necklift/Lower Facelift the Right Side of Face is Drooping, Stinging and Pain, What Do You Recommend?

Had necklift and lower facelift 7 months ago. developed lumps under jawline also droopy right side of face still have numbness and some stinging. My... READ MORE

Bulges After Face Lift? (photo)

I had a face lift 7 mts ago. I have a huge bulge on my r. cheek near jaw line and smaller one on left cheek in same area. I had fat put in my lips and... READ MORE

Uneven Surface After Macs Lift? (photo)

After more than 7 months of a macs lift i have several significal dimples on my cheeks. no improvement. my doctor has no idea how to resolve the... READ MORE

I Had a Full Face,neck and Coronal Brow Lift 7 Months Ago. If I Lost 5-10 Lbs, Would This Weaken my Face Lift?

I am in my 60's and had the procedure above. I would like to know if i lost 10 lbs, would my face lift and muscles and skin weaken and start to sag,... READ MORE

Ears look unnatural after facelift - can you explain why and can it be corrected? Is there a name for the disfigurement? (Photo)

I had a full (not mini) facelift almost 7 months ago, with incisions from in temple hairline, behind tragus and around the bottom of earlobe, behind... READ MORE

What can be done about bulging submandibular glands? (photos)

I had a facelift 7 months ago, I was aware of my gland problem then but it really does detract from m my result, would I need a GA to remove them? Is... READ MORE

Should I look like this after a mini face lift? (photos)

I am 38 and had a mini facelift 7 months ago to help correct acne scars and sagging skin. After my surgery I was pleased with my results but now I... READ MORE

7 months after facelift, will micro needling help my rippling and sagging skin? (Photo)

Had a facelift 7 months ago and had rippling on one side. My PS said it would go away, but so far it hasn't. He says I am over critical and look great... READ MORE

Suffering from Blepharitis Following a Facelift and Fat Graft to Cheeks No Fat Graft Near Eyes?

Had facelift and fatgraft to cheeks not anywhere near eyes but have suffered from sore and watery also a feeling of tightness the surgery was done in... READ MORE

Strange feelings on ear after face lift 7 months ago. Will they get better? (Photo)

I had a face life 7 months ago and am still having very strange feelings on the outer ear. I can't hold a phone to it and feel on my ear where it is.... READ MORE

What to do 7 months after complete face, neck, upper & lower eyes? I look like I did prior to surgery! (Photos)

I paid an enormous amount of money and thought I went to best PS in the area. My jowls and marionette lines have returned 7 months after facelift,... READ MORE

I had a Facelift 7 months ago. I now have holes in fatty cheek area and in laugh line. What can be done?

I had a brow lift and face lift 7 months ago. I now have a hole in my right fatty cheek area and deeper one in the laugh line on my left side. Both... READ MORE

Can fat injections cause malar edema?

Seven months ago, I had a facelift and fat injections to my cheeks and temples. I still have swelling at the high points of my cheekbones. The... READ MORE

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