Thin Skin + Eyelid Surgery

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Bulging Eyes: What Surgery is Suitable for Me?

I have been tested, no thyroid. My eyelids are thin, i guess it is my eyeball that is bulging out. I have huge and protuding eyes, it seems like it is... READ MORE

Treatment for very thin eyelids (purple colored) and tear trough hollowness?

I have very thin eyelid skin upper and lower due to having eczema around my eyelids for a couple years. I had it when I was 10/11 yrs old, went to the... READ MORE

Best Procedures for Extremely Thin, Wrinkled Eye Area with Under Eye Hollows, Dark Circles and Crows Feet? (photo)

I am 33 years old and have an extremely thin, fair, combo skin. My main problem is crepiness under the eyes, deep under eye wrinkles and hollows, dark... READ MORE

Complex Blepharoplasty, Pinch, or Eyebrow Lift? (photo)

Mid 40s but look 60. Please provide guidance on procedures. I'm extremely thin & face is emaciated. Eye lids/ brows appear asymmetrical & its... READ MORE

Uneveness and Thin Tear Trough Area Skin 10 Months After Blepharoplasty with Fat Grafting, What Should I do Now? (photo)

After a Blephoplasty and fat grafting 10 months ago, i have been left with uneveness on the lower lid/cheek junction on the RHS. I also have thin skin... READ MORE

Any creams/serums (prescription or over counter) that help thicken thin under eye skin? (Photo)

After posting about my under eye purple discoloration, I have been told it is the muscle being seen through the very thin skin of the lower eyelid.... READ MORE

Would Lower Blephoplasty Be my Answer? (photo)

61 yrs/old, very thin and considering lower Blephoplasty . Two consults with Plastic Surgeons, both stating they would remove the fat pad with an... READ MORE

I have thin skin under my eyes and too much on my upper eyelids. What can I do to make my eyes look younger? (Photo)

I have very thin skin under my eyes as well as too much skin on my upper eyelids. I am wondering if surgery is necessary to fix this issue or if there... READ MORE

Gash Under Eye After Blepharoplasty: It Best to Excise and Resuture Scar or Laser?

After lower blepharoplasty during the post-op, in a state of anxiety I dabbed(stupid)briefly boiled water to stop infection. Anyway, one side has... READ MORE

Surgery to Make Eyes More Visible? (photo)

Hello. Although person on the picture isn't me my situation is very similar to this woman - thin eyelids and livid skin mostly on the nasal bone line.... READ MORE

Steroid injections with upper and lower eyelid revision.

I'm 3 months post op from upper/lower eyelid surgery. I have a small lump (pinhead size) in outer corner of right eye, a larger lump (small pea sized)... READ MORE

Undereye Hollowness & Thin Skin?

I'm a 52 year old man with undereye hollowness. I've been treated with restylane w/ mixed results. The hollowness was minimized but my doctor... READ MORE

Close-set eyes: Can the area in the inner tear duct corners of the eye (medial palpebral ligament) be filled or fattened?

Like the girl in the picture below I have very thin skin over the medial palpebral ligament, which is normally invisible in most people. Her... READ MORE

What treatment would you recommend for dark circles, sunken eyes, and thin under eye skin? (photos)

I am 25, from Asia. I have dark circles from age 14, prominent and dark and persistence, not changing in colour. My eyes are also sunken, feels... READ MORE

Help for Tired Eyes - I am 36 years old (Photos)

My eyes have begun to look tired. Not so much "puffy". I also have allergies (I believe this has caused thin skin which may be my issue, I don't think... READ MORE

34 year old with thin skin under eye, dark circles, and bags. What are my options for improvement? (photos)

I have both under eye bags and dark circles under my eyes with crepe like upper lids. My eye area in general feels tired and loose... I am not at the... READ MORE

What is the suggested procedure for darkness in the under eye area with indentions or "Tear troughs"? (photos)

I am concerned about potential less than desirable results from fillers. I do not have "bags", I have indentions. The darkness can normally be covered... READ MORE

wrinkles eyes and eyebags. Will a blepharoplasty or what could be a good and possibly final solution? thank you (photo)

Hi, i would like to get an advice about my eyes, im 42, lot of wrinkles under my eyes and crows feet plus eyebags, skin quite thin and sensitive.  READ MORE

24 Years Old and Had 3 Eyelid Surgeries and Now Need One in 2nd Eye What Should I Do?

I am girl I had a problem in my upper eyelid since I was a child and I did my first operation in my left upper eyelid at the age of 10 he raise the... READ MORE

Non surgery options for thin, crepey lower eyelids? (Photo)

I am a Caucasic, 37 yo female with bad under-eye area: saggy, with abnormally thin skin. I've consulted a surgeon who advised me against fillers due... READ MORE

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