Scleral Show + Eyelid Surgery

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Natural Causes for Scleral Show

Can a scleral show be caused by some natural consequences? Like weight loss or something like that? I mean, except trauma or eyelids surgery, its only... READ MORE

Scleral Show 1 Weel After Blepharoplasty, Should I Wait to do Anything? (photo)

I have developed scleral show after several days of lower lid blepharoplasty. Now it is 8 days since the surgery. Anything I should do right now, or... READ MORE

Scleral Show with NEGATIVE Vector, Longevity of Canthopexy/Plasty? (photo)

I'm 19, & have 3.2-3.5 mm significant inferior scleral show. Never had surgery. UK Oculoplast realised I have negative vector & possible... READ MORE

Best Procedure to Correct my Slightly Scleral Show? (photo)

I have a slightly scleral show in my eyes. I just want my lower eyelid to be less droopy and be more horizontal. Thanks in advance. READ MORE

Do I Have Negative Eye Vector or Sclera Show? (photo)

Hello, I have noticed that my eyes have a relatively buldgy appearance and am not completely sure if this is due to possible having negative eye... READ MORE

Concerned About Possibility of Scleral Show After Lower Bleph

Im thinking about to having a lower bleph. I am very concerned about possibility of lower white of eye showing , or eye shape changing. what are the... READ MORE

Orbital Rim Implants, Lateral Cantho Plasty and -Plexy - In What Order?

If one had round eyes and scleral show due to BOTH a recessed orbital rim area AND lax under eye, and wanted to get both procedures, which one should... READ MORE

Can my canthopexy be reversed? (photo)

Had canthopexy 1 yr ago now considering reversal. Sclera was showing but don’t like small eyes now. Had cheek implants to get rid of negative v... READ MORE

Is there anything I could do for scleral show? (photos)

The irises are too small for the size of my eyes. Scleral show is visibly exaggerated on the sides of my eyes and it looks worse in person. I would... READ MORE

Swollen Tear Duct Resulting from Scleral Show After Blepharolasty

I am 7 weeks after upper and lower blepharoplasy. I developed scleral show right after the surgery, though not extreme. I am taping the eye, and it... READ MORE

Six Months Post Blepharoplasty and Skin Pulling at Outer Edge of Eyes and Increasingly Visible Sclera? (photo)

6 mo.s ago I had upper & lower blepharoplasty. I have had increasing problems opening my eyes because it feels & looks like the skin at the... READ MORE

Inferior Scleral Show + Dry Eyes? (photo)

Hello, I'll try to keep it short. I'm 24 and have had dry eyes for many years. Eye doctors often tell me that I do not close my eyes at night (and... READ MORE

My lower eyelid slightly droops at the outer corner and you can see the red part of my eyes Can this be corrected?

I've never noticed this in other people. If you look at the outer corners of my eyes there is a space between my waterline and my eyeball, you can... READ MORE

Correction of Scleral Show? (Photo)

I am wondering, what surgical procedures would be best to correct my scleral show and provide me with a positive canthal tilt? I believe I have a... READ MORE

If Canthoplasty Looks Unnatural, Why Do It?

I had a bleph and have scleral show and rounding of the eye. Doctors have recommended to me canthoplasty and/or hard palate graft. I am confused... READ MORE

Surgery to Increase Scleral Show?

I would like to know about surgery to increase scleral show and who does this.  How involved is the surgery? What is the approximate price range?... READ MORE

Can sclera show from lower bleph get better with time?

I had a quad bleph and lower fat grafting about 2 months ago. One eye has a bit of sclera showing, not too bad, but noticeable to me. Can it get... READ MORE

Large Eyes with Scleral Show. Any suggestions? (photos)

I am early 30s & have 2mm scleral show beneath my irises when looking straight ahead (more when expressive or face is slack). What is causing so much... READ MORE

Doctor Overcorrected a Scleral Show Saying it will Relax into Its Natural Position, is this True?

I have had a lateral tarsal strip procedure done on my right lowr eyelid, afer a lower blepharoplasty left me with a scleral show. I am very bruised... READ MORE

How to enlarge iris appearance / make sclera less visible ? (photo)

No known diseases or deficiencies, just naturally big, round eyes. No history of surgery or trauma. I always had big eyes, however, when I was a child... READ MORE

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