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How Long Will Blepharoplasty Scars and Area Be Numb?

About 25 days post upper and lower surgery, continue to have issue with dry eyes and eyes/skin feeling tight but also numb. Probably normal but when... READ MORE

Upper Eyelid Blepharoplasty: One Eye Wont Open? (photo)

Five days after surgery, I have one eye that will not open more than half way. One eye feels great in recovery (with no loss of muscle control or... READ MORE

Three Months Post Upper Blepharoplasty I Still Experience Numbness. Will This Improve?

My upper eyelid surgery turned out visually great! I have concern with numbness of the actual eyelid itself. It is mostly evident when applying... READ MORE

Numbness Eyelid Surgery?

How long after undergoing eyelid surgery should numbness around the eyes reside? READ MORE

Blepharospasms 10 Months After Surgery

I am 43 and had surgery 10 months ago.  I still have mild lid numbness, but in the past month have developed blepharospasms.  They occur all... READ MORE

Half of my Face is Numb After Lower Blepharoplasty

I had my lower blepharoplasty 10 days ago. I have huge bruises and swelling . But what worries me the most is the numbness of the face. The left part... READ MORE

My Eyes are Uneven, Should I be Concerned? (photo)

Should I be concerned about my uneven eyes? My right eye seems to have been moving higher than my left. I also have some weakness and numbness on the... READ MORE

Forehead and Eyelid Surgery Done. Eyes Hurt and Complete Numbness of Forehead?

It has been one year and my eyes hurt, ar numb get tired and get red. I use prescribed drops and over the counter drops. It does not help.Numbness... READ MORE

What can change after 1 month after blepharoplasty? How can my eyelids further improve? (photos)

I'm 9 days post upper eyelid surgery and I'm quite disappointed, first of all, there are two creases on my eye, the beginning of the new higher crease... READ MORE

Eyelid numb tingly with vein protruding after eye lift (photo)

I am three weeks out from an upper eye lift healing pretty good but my right eye lid is achy numb and tingly with the vein protruding. Is this... READ MORE

Lower blepharoplasty 3 weeks ago and i can still see the scars? (Photo)

I had my surgery 3 weeks ago and the cuts are so prevelant and they seem to be getting darker. Also is it normal to feel tightness in the area and... READ MORE

Blepharoplasty, How Long Until the Numbness Goes Away?

Hello i got an upper eye blepharoplasty on 8/19/13 and i noticed it still feels tight and numb when i tried to put on makeup, i cannot feel my eyelids... READ MORE

It is normal for my eyelid to still be numb a week after bleph surgery?

It's been 6 days since my right eye was done. Eyelid is still numb. Last night during the night felt some some pain/achiness (inside my eye) and my... READ MORE

I have uneven Eyes two weeks post op Face lift and lower blepharoplasty. Any suggestions? (photos)

I am really worried about how uneven my eyes are after and face lift and lower Blepharoplasty. I would have expected a little difference but it is so... READ MORE

I had upper & lower eyelid surgery done 8 wks ago. I still have swelling under one eye and numbness around both. Is this normal?

I still have swelling under one eye and numbness around both which makes it difficult to apply eyeliner. Is this normal? Can my age be a factor, (75)? READ MORE

I had ptosis surgery a month ago and it still looks droopy to me (photos)

I had surgery april 12 so a little over a month ago. I had mild congenital ptosis. My eye looks a bit better but i still think it looks droopy. Is it... READ MORE

Eye twitching after blepharoplasty. One eyes still has numbness. Any suggestions?

This is a follow-up to my previous question. I forgot to mention that the eye having the twitching still has numbness along the lash line. The other... READ MORE

After orbital floor surgery my eye looks noticeably smaller than the other. Will this settle? (photos)

I had orbital floor surgery on my right eye 2 weeks ago. I haven't had a lot of bruising just swelling around the eye mostly underneath and the right... READ MORE

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