Nerve Damage + Eyelid Surgery

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Can Droopy Eyelid Caused by Nerve Injury Recover by Itself?

Recently, I have droopy eyelid on my right eye and the last thing I did was getting my tooth pulled out so I guess there must be something went wrong... READ MORE

Who Can Confirm Upper Bleph Muscle/Nerve Damage?

What type of doctor/specialist can confirm muscle and nerve damage after upper blepharoplasty surgery was performed? Are there any customary tests... READ MORE

Is Facial Nerve Damage Possible After a Lower Blepharoplasty, with Skin Removal, and Fat Repositioning?

I'm almost 2 weeks post op. Have swelling with hard lump where fat was placed. My lower lid is droopy along with what feels like nerve pain,(hot,... READ MORE

How to Help Nerve Damage After a Bletharoplasty and SOOF Suspension?

I had an upper and lower bletharoplasty and an SOOF suspension five years ago. I was unfortunately left with nerve/muscle damage. Although there is no... READ MORE

What is the Treament for Damaged Motor Nerve Fibers Post Eyelid Surgery?

I had eyelid surgery six years ago and was left with damage to the motor nerve fibers. Is there a treatment for this condition and if so how would it... READ MORE

I have uneven eyes, my left eye is smaller and irritates me. Can you help? (Photo)

When I was 13 I would get pink eye on my left eye every 3-4 months. I'm 18 now and I never get that pink eye. But, my left eye still irritates/is WAY... READ MORE

Will Medications Affect Blepharoplasty Healing?

I am 26 and had upper blepharoplasty plus brow lift 3 months ago, i was recently diagnosed with nerve damage which can numb my face from time to time.... READ MORE

Could an eyebrow injury cause nerve damage in rest of the face?

When i was a few years old i got a deep cut on the end of my eyebrow, and more than a decade later my eyebrow droops a little, eyelid droops, and that... READ MORE

Curious If My Eyelid Surgery Resulted In Nerve Damage?

I had my first eyelid op done may 23rd of this yr. my eye of course was swollen etc..but after a cpl wks i noticed it wasn't opening at all, even once... READ MORE

What are the signs/issues of muscle/nerve damage after having an Upper Blepharoplasty operation?

Thanks for your time and assist. What are the signs/issues of muscle/nerve damage after having an upper blepharoplasty operation? Would having a... READ MORE

Blethoplasty procedure successful? Eyes are still puffy, and hollowness wasn't corrected? (Photo)

16 m post op, the results on the lower lids are fading and the upper lid has some kind of nerve issue. The puffiness and hollow look is starting to... READ MORE

Are these common permanent complications after blepharoplasty? Ptosis, Lagophthalmos? Is it rare, or something you see?

Hi, I am curious if these complications are seen often after upper and lower blepharoplasty? Can one get permanent ptosis from blepharoplasty? What... READ MORE

Can a swollen eyelid from dust mite allergy result in droopy eyelids? (photo)

So, a few months ago I had a dust mite allergy. I would wake up and find bumps on my arms, neck and legs and they would be pretty itchy. A few days... READ MORE

Is there anyway to prevent my eye from closing when I smile? (photos)

Im now 44 but at 12 years old I was a passenger in a vehicle crash and was ejected from the vehicle through the front windshield. The glass cut me... READ MORE

I had Chalazion removed 8 years ago and left in extreme daily agony. Was my nerve damaged?

I had a chalazion removed 8 years ago. I had the chalazion for 3 years due to misdiagnosis. There is a lump left over which is not the main problem.... READ MORE

Is it a must, prior acoustic neuroma surgery ,to protect eyes in case of face nerve damage?

I saw in consultation independed ophthalmic plastic& reconstructive surgeon two month after I underwent right acoustic neuroma surgery in October 2011... READ MORE

Would permanent nerve damage create difficulty in lifting sagging lid, requiring different surgical approach?

Lid sag is from skull based tumor surgery thirty years ago and I did not address it for fear of lid not closing or staying closed. Now with aging it... READ MORE

Possible Zygomalicotemporal Nerve Bundle damage during lower bleph and Soof Lift. Options? (Photo)

3 weeks post op - I've been back to doctor 2X for heavy scaring on right upper eye and corner, pain, numbness, dark circles and weird discoloration. 1... READ MORE

Do I have nerve or muscle damage? Would it be best to have cosmetic surgery or try and fix the root of the problem? (Photo)

Left lower lid wont move after orbital floor fracture repair sustained by an MVA. I also have a fracture that was repaired on the left side of my... READ MORE

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