Ear Surgery Videos

Heather Is Ponytail Ready! — See Her Natural Looking Results After Ear Pinning Surgery

Dr. Nima Shemirani interviews Heather, who has wanted otoplasty since she was a kid. Her ear surgery involves moving the ears close to her head to keep them from sticking out. See her before and after. VIEW NOW


A Surgical Alternative to Ear Pinning Can Fix Wide, Prominant Ears

Dr. David Mabrie gives a video tutorial on otoplasty (ear) surgery for prominent ears. He discusses causes of prominent ears, includes 3-D illustrations of surgical techniques, shows before and after images, and discusses recovery. VIEW NOW


Rejuvenating Earlobes with Radiesse and Belotero Injections

Dr. Jason Emer was able to give this woman's ears more structure to support her earrings as well as fill in lines and wrinkles with Belotero and Radiesse. VIEW NOW

Ear Pinning: Fixing Prominent Ears During An Ear Surgery

Dr. Jonathan Kulbersh discusses ear pinning surgery for patients who are considering an ear surgery procedure. VIEW NOW

See How an Earlobe Tear is Repaired (GRAPHIC)

Dr. Richard W. Westreich walks through the earlobe repair procedure, methods for correction, as well as how a smooth earlobe contour is achieved. VIEW NOW

Ear Surgery Revision for Prominent Earlobes

Dr. Amiya Prasad reviews concerns and photos from a man concerned about prominent earlobes after an unsuccessful ear surgery and explains how it can be corrected. VIEW NOW

See This Torn Earlobe Repaired in Less Than 1 Minute [GRAPHIC]

Dr. Kevin Tehrani performs surgery to fix a ripped earlobe, caused by wearing long, heavy earrings. Dr. Tehrani removes the scar tissue and reattaches healthy skin. VIEW NOW

Repairing Your Ears With Surgery

Dr. Tim Neavin discusses surgical procedures, such as earlobe reduction, that can improve the appearance of the ears. VIEW NOW

Earlobe Surgery: Reversing the Effects of Heavy Earrings

Dr. Ana Carolina Victoria treats a woman who had very stretched earlobes from wearing heavy earrings. She also received some filler injections for volume and her ears were re-pierced. VIEW NOW

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Earlobe Reconstruction: See This Man Before & After

Listen to a man explain his reasoning for having his earlobes reduced and then watch as Dr. Tom J. Pousti prepares for and performs surgery. VIEW NOW


Looking Younger With Earlobe Surgery

As we age, the ears can start to droop. Dr. Christine Hamori explains how this can be addressed with surgery, resulting in a more youthful look. VIEW NOW

Is It Normal for Ears to Move 2 Months After Ear Surgery? The Doctor's Opinion

Dr. Amiya Prasad reviews this RealSelf member's question about ears moving back to their original position after surgery. He explains how some surgery techniques are more prone to movement. VIEW NOW

The Doctor Explains Possible Ear Surgery Complications and Risks

Dr. Tanveer Janjua describes possible complications of otoplasty, or pinning back of the ears. This is not a comprehensive list, but the complications Dr. Janjua feels are most important. VIEW NOW

Earlobes Can be Brought Closer to the Head During Ear Surgery — The Doctor Explains

Dr. Amiya Prasad, MD reviews a question from a man who had otoplasty or ear pining surgery, but did not get his earlobes as close to his skull as he liked. The earlobes can be brought closer to the head in the original or revision surgery. VIEW NOW

See 34 Seconds of Ear Surgery Before & After Photos

Dr. Joshua Halpern shares patient before and after photos following otoplasty or ear surgery. VIEW NOW