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How to wear a headband after otoplasty?

I had otoplasty performed 3 days ago and i was instructed to wear a headband after the dressing was removed. My question is how should I wear the... READ MORE

Too Tight First Bandage: Problem with the Anthelix? (photo)

4 days ago I've had otoplasty. I was instructed to wear two tennis headbands for three days (holding the ear bandages on their place) Looks like the... READ MORE

1 month post op otoplasty with permanent sutures, will this tight feeling go away?

I had an otoplasty 1 month ago with suture method and I'm not happy with the results (asymmetry). I still feel the sutures (tight) and some discomfort... READ MORE

Can i ride a motorcycle if i had ear otoplasty done? Will the tightness of the helmet mess up my ears?

I just wanted to know if any one whose had ear otoplasty rides a motorcycle, and if the motorcycle helmet affects your ears in any way. I had the... READ MORE

Headband is too tight? Should I switch to something else?

I had otoplasty 3 days ago and I'm now wearing a stretchy cloth headband that was provided my PS. I'm not sure if it's too tight or its supposed to... READ MORE

Pain and tightness 6 weeks after otoplasty. What could it be? (photos)

Six weeks ago I had cartilage excision and permanent stitches put in. I only started removing my headband during the day about 10 days ago (and still... READ MORE

Please Help 9 Daysafter Otoplasty What Do I Do?

Please help me I had otoplasty 9 days ago my dressings were on really tight so much so my forehead is grazed and bleeding what do I do? READ MORE

What is this weird feeling after otoplasty?

Hi.I had otoplasty on my left ear one month ago.I was wearing a headband every night for one month and as much as possible during the day.As i said i... READ MORE

Otoplasty Suture only technique (3 months po) The ear canal entrance feels tension especially when wiggle. Is it suture related?

I had otoplasty 3 months ago suture technique only 4 permanent sutures each ear I went to ENT to check my hearing and Dr. said ear canals are good but... READ MORE

I had otoplasty in a different country. Now here in South Florida. What "type" of doctor can help me with my post operatory?

I had the otoplasty 2 month ago aprox and I'm having aches, tight feeling, some numbness , and a pruturing suture that keeps irritating my skin behind... READ MORE

How can this be fixed? (photos)

I have had the permanent sutures and scar tissue removed after an overcorrection otopla. The anti helical fold was overfolded and tight and it had... READ MORE

6 months post op Otoplasty, I have clicking / popping noise when I talk. Is this normal?

I had otolasty 6 months ago. Permanent sutures ni cartilage removal. I have tigh sensation and left ear is more sensitive when i talk i heard clicking... READ MORE

Is the otoplasty headband I was given too tight?

I had otoplasty with cartilage excision and suturing done 5/13. The surgeon wants me to wear a headband for 3 weeks and then two months at night. I... READ MORE

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