Head Band + Ear Surgery

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Could Ears Change Shape From Wearing Headset?

I'm 16, and for the past 3 years most of the day I've been wearing a computer headset, and I've noticed my ears are pushed back more than they were... READ MORE

Is an Elastic Headband Important And/or Necessary After Otoplasty?

Hello everyone! I had an otoplasty procedure done a week ago. Everything went great, so far I am making a quick recovery and the results are notable.... READ MORE

How to wear a headband after otoplasty?

I had otoplasty performed 3 days ago and i was instructed to wear a headband after the dressing was removed. My question is how should I wear the... READ MORE

Can Wearing a Tighter Headband Following Otoplasty (Ear Pinning) Affect Cosmetic Results?

I've been wearing a soft, wide headband as instructed following otoplasty procedure (having had dressings removed). I was told it needn't be too tight... READ MORE

Is It Normal for Ears to Move Slightly After Otoplasty?

I had an otoplasty procedure done a few weeks ago and have been wearing a wide, soft headband since having the dressings removed. Right now I only... READ MORE

Can ears on a five yr old kid start to stick out all of a sudden? Can taping the ears or wearing a headband when sleeping help?

Noticed my five year old kid's ears are sticking out a little now and they weren't like that just two months ago. Also I noticed when he sleeps his... READ MORE

Is It Okay to Wear Beanie Hats After Otoplasty (Ear Pinning)?

I had the procedure a few weeks back and am past the stage of wearing a headband 24/7 (only at night). My surgeon said I could wear a headband/hat... READ MORE

Is there a way to fix prominent ears without surgery?

I am in my early teens and my ears really upset me. I can never wear my hair up without feeling self conscious. I read that wearing a headband when... READ MORE

I'm bleeding after otoplasty. Is this normal? (photos)

I had otoplasty 4 days ago-my ears feel very swollen and they seem to bleed behind my ears quite a lot still...my surgeon told me to only put my... READ MORE

How long before I can get back to intensive exercise?

I just had an otoplasty done. This is day 2 of my recovery. I am heading to my doctor to get the wrapping headband removed. Most people on this site... READ MORE

It's been two months since my otoplasty and I'm wondering if it is a good idea for me to start wearing a headband at night?

I had my otoplasty around two months ago and since then my ears have started to go out again. I wore a wrapping around my ears and head up until a... READ MORE

Is asymmetry normal 3 weeks after otoplasty to correct moderate bat ear deformity?

Permanent sutures were placed without cartilage removal.Since the surgery my left ear is now perfect, but my right ear sticks out several mm’s more t... READ MORE

Headband is too tight? Should I switch to something else?

I had otoplasty 3 days ago and I'm now wearing a stretchy cloth headband that was provided my PS. I'm not sure if it's too tight or its supposed to... READ MORE

I have a lot of pain after otoplasty. Is this normal?

I had an otoplasty procedure done last Wednesday, and I am still in a lot of pain. I am in the most pain while wearing my sports headband around my... READ MORE

No dressing/headband worn 24/7 after otoplasty. Is it going to cause me problems? Just told to wear a headband at night (photo)

I had an otoplasty April 23rd. I was instructed to wear a headband a night for 6 weeks. No dressing/headband worn 24/7 ? I see everyone's comments and... READ MORE

What Type/Brand of Headband is the Best for Night After Otoplasty?

I am preparing for my son's otoplasty surgery he is six. The Surgeon recomended the use of a head band at night. What type/brand should I get? Is... READ MORE

Is this asymmetry normal 3 weeks after otoplasty to correct moderate bat ear deformity? (Photo)

Permanent sutures were placed without cartilage removal.Since, I am happy with left ear but my right ear looks very different and sticks out more... READ MORE

Is my doctor wrong about not wearing a headband after ear pinning? (Photo)

Everywhere I read that your supposed to wear a head band or compression band at some point after having your ears pinned back, my doctor says no don't... READ MORE

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