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10 days after Botox, my hair was coming out by the hundreds. Would I have a similar reaction to Dysport or Xeomin?

I had Botox and 10 days later, my hair was coming out by the hundreds and lost a lot of hair around my face (those new fine hairs are gone). I can see... READ MORE

Can I Have a Reaction to Dysport but Not to Botox?

I had used Botox (amazing response) for a short while then changed to Dysport. I had some reaction to the Dysport..severe headache and neck ache... READ MORE

Signs of Botulism from Dysport

I've used Botox for over 10 years with no issues ever! Tried Dysport last summer and experienced signs of spreading to other areas of the... READ MORE

Could I Be Allergic to Dysport?

I received my second dose of Dysport in December and 3 weeks later got a terrible cough and wheeze. It's 3 1/2 months later and the symptoms... READ MORE

Botox and Dysport - Are They Truly the Same?

I have had Botox injections twice before for treatment of forehead wrinkles and the 11's. I recently went to my dermatologist to have further... READ MORE

Dysport Reaction?

Two days after dysport had flu symptoms: fatigue, headache, nausea, weakness. The headache lasted for two weeks. I had a severe dizzy spell, and lost... READ MORE

Bad Dysport Reaction: Very Painful to Swallow, Impaired Speech, Head Pain. How Long Does Last? No Help from Doc.

Had small injection Dysport corners mouth. loved it initially. 2 weeks later: hard to swallow, swollen, sore, unable to form words, spit, eat, sore... READ MORE

I'm a nurse and came across a complication with dypsort. Is it normal to have a reaction causing puffiness to the eyes?

I had injected a client with dysport and found out after the fact that he had a reaction to the lactose monohydrate. He was instructed to take... READ MORE

Dysport Reaction Normal/transient?

My patient who I have routinely treated with Botox for 5 years decided to try Dysport for the rebate this time. I am a big fan of Dysport as I have... READ MORE

I had a dysport injection and had severe and catastrophic reactions. But, used Botox with no problems, is it safe to do again?

Is there an anti toxin available for Botox or dysport ? I Had a DYSPORT injection on Sept 10th 2010 & I had every symptom plus more that were not... READ MORE

Was injected with Dysport 2 weeks ago. Immediately got very itchy eyes and began to swell.

It's now been 2 weeks and my eyes are still extremely itchy and very swollen with some matting in the mornings. I've been on steroids and steroid eye... READ MORE

Is pneumonia a real reaction to Dysport?

I got Dysport and was somehow worried about the side effects. After around 2 weeks I ended up in the hospital for 7 days with pneumonia. They told me... READ MORE

Am I high risk for allergic reaction to Dysport or Botox?

I sometimes get chronic hives, last one lasted 4 mos. I am also lactose sensitive. I have appt for Dysport or Botox for jawslimming and not sure if... READ MORE

Getting Dysport or Botox again after a bad reaction?

Just wondering if anyone has tried getting botox injections again after having adverse reaction with Dysport. If so, if they reacted again. READ MORE

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