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It Has Been 3 Months Since I Did Dysport on my Forehead, is It Normal to Still Have a Big Lump? (photo)

I got injected 2 times in between my eyebrows. The first time (in December), the product did not work, so I went back for a second time in January for... READ MORE

I just had Dysport injections on my forehead, not my first time. Will this lump go away? (Photo)

But it is the first time that I developed a long lump On one side of my forehead from the fluid. Does this go away or should I go back to my provider?... READ MORE

Multiple lumps after Dysport injection. Any advice on what this is or what to do? (Photo)

I received dysport injections to my forhead and brow area 32 hours ago. My forhead is now covered in large knodules/lumps and is very tender. The... READ MORE

Got a lump from Dysport or maybe just a coincidence. I want it gone, all I see is this lump. (Photo)

About 3 years ago I was in for botox on my forehead, this time they was offering Dysport as an alternative. I went ahead and did the Dysport. It... READ MORE

Lump and pain near Dysport injection area

I received dysport two days ago and I've got a lump and pain near the injection area. I did feel some liquid running down my face after the injection... READ MORE

Can Dysport cause headaches and tingling sensation in head and arm also horrible dark eye bags?

Im 30 and received dysport for the first time have had botox once 5 months prior. So two months ago I received dysport and two weeks later woke up... READ MORE

5 weeks post op, will this lump from Dysport resolve by itself? (photos)

Had Dysport between brows & forehead 5 weeks ago. At 2 weeks a lump appeared on left eyebrow. It goes above the eyebrow and hangs down under the... READ MORE

There is a little lump of fluid above my eye after Dysport injection, will it go away? Its been about 3 weeks? (photos)

First time ever first injections upper forehead to soften frown lines, then the little fluid spot that was there disappeared, now he added one or 2... READ MORE

Lump showing on my chin when I close my mouth after my 2nd day of my first Dysport for my chin. Will it go away? (photo)

Hi, I got my first dysport injections for my "orange peel"/highly dimpled chin yesterday. I noticed not much difference so far & know that I need... READ MORE

Why do I have "lump" on my forehead after having Dysport injections 10 hours ago?

I have had Botox 5x over the past 4 years. I had excellent results every single time. Today, I decided to trust my doctor and have Dysport. I have pea... READ MORE

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