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diVa vaginal therapy is a laser treatment used to address changes in vaginal health often caused by childbirth and menopause. It may also be used to treat side effects in women who have undergone a hysterectomy or chemotherapy. The device's laser handpiece is inserted into the vagina, delivering controlled energy pulses into the tissue. The procedure takes less than five minutes and is only mildly uncomfortable. For optimal results, three treatments are recommended, spaced one month apart, with a maintenance treatment once a year if desired. 

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No Lasting Results - Dallas, TX

I was hoping to get long lasting results from the Diva procedures and really after the first of three treatments I did notice and overall tightening of my vagina and lubrication during sex was better. The problem is after a few months, I noticed those improvements slowly went away. For me the... READ MORE

DiVa is worth it!

I am a 43 year old mother of 4. I used to have a slight incontinence issue, and it is now completely resolved - I can laugh or sneeze in public without feeling like I am going to pee on myself and I do not have to rush to the bathroom every morning in fear of not making it in time. I have never... READ MORE

48 Years Old - Menopause

I recently had the diva laser and diva tight procedure this week after I hit menopause. I noticed a lot of dryness and loss of sensation during sex. I also have a risk of breast cancer and I'm too nervous to go on hormones. After researching local gynaecologists in my city, I found a women's... READ MORE

Hot Mom Again

I had a hysterectomy 14 years ago. & things changed rapidly for me. I had no replacement hormones- I was MISERABLE! When Dr. Haydel- who I had already been a patient of- began offering this treatment-I was ELATED! I went for the whole thing- pellets & the Diva treatment. I cannot... READ MORE

Wish It Lasted Longer! - Austin, TX

The Diva treatment uses the same lasers as the Sciton Halo treatment and the results did not last. My mild stress inconstancy did improve for a short period of time but after the tissue damaged by the lasers completed the healing process (4-6 weeks) the tissue returned to normal and my slight... READ MORE

57 Yr Old - Troy, MI

This was a procedure that was well worth it!! All postmenopausal women should have this done, it gave me back a part of life I had lost with my husband. Intercourse had been extremely painful before this procedure, It is no longer painful! I would recommend this procedure over and over to women... READ MORE

DiVa Mom Royal Oak, MI

I have completed three diVa treatments and am thrilled with the results! I'm 45 years old and have had two children vaginally. I used to have a slight incontinence issue, and it is now completely resolved - I can comfortably laugh in public and do not have to rush to the bathroom every morning... READ MORE

dr gregory roche best bloomfield hills doctor for vaginal rejuvenation

I went to Dr. Gregory Roche, in Bloomfield Hills MI, for laser vaginal rejuvenation. I had 4 visits, he used a laser called the Diva, with my goal being to improve tightness. Both my partner and I can definitely feel a difference in tightness and I'm pleased with the results. I would do it... READ MORE

DiVa, Halo, and Forever Young BBL Are Offered by Women First OBGYN in - Royal Oak, MI

New products are available to patients at Women First OB/GYN in the field of laser technology such as diVa laser vaginal therapy, Forever Young BBL laser therapy for brightening and tightening of the skin, and halo hybrid fractional laser therapy to treat large pores, sun damage, texture, scar... READ MORE

50 Years Old and Can Now Leave my House with Confidence - Troy, MI

I am a 50 year old, active and social mom of two girls. I searched for a solution to the almost daily "I just peed my pants" accidents. I had my first treatment at Somerset OBGYN in Troy, MI. The quick, painless procedure performed in the office by Dr. Foley was terrific. I haven't had an... READ MORE


I have given birth to 3 children. I had heard about vaginal rejuvenation for a while. I was approaching my 50th birthday and was investigating procedures for vaginal laxness and urine leaking when i sneezed or laughed. I actually did not think it was that bad compared to my friends, but after I... READ MORE

Bladder Control

I just finished my third treatment and I could not be any happier! My main goal was to stop having so much trouble with stress incontinence. I've had problems ever since giving birth to my children over 20 years ago and have carried and extra pair of underwear in my purse for all of these years.... READ MORE

51 Year Old, Post-menopause, Vaginal Dryness, Low Libido, Greater Urgency to Urinate

I was uncertain at first about a laser in such a sensitive area but the discomfort of living with constant dryness made me feel like I was aging way too early, intimacy had also become not so comfortable. I wasn't quite ready for my body to behave in ways I never thought it would. Dryness,... READ MORE

DiVa Procedure for 40 Year Old Mom of 2 - The Woodlands, TX

I decided I needed to do something after experiencing vaginal dryness during intercourse. My OB said this was normal when you get into your 40's. Ugh! Did not know this was going to be a benefit of getting older. The doctor wanted to prescribe medication for the dryness, but I really didn't want... READ MORE

Diva Game Me my Life Back!!!! - The Woodlands, TX

I am a 68 year old who had a total hysterectomy 11 years ago. I feel like that experience changed my life, and I was totally unprepared for the changes that would occur in my body. All of my hormones were wiped away in one day, and I soon began experiencing weight gain, hot flashes, vaginal... READ MORE

Highly Recommend! - La jolla, CA

I just did my first DiVa treatment and I have to say it was a breeze. I was super nervous it might hurt, but there was ZERO pain. Maybe 20 seconds of discomfort like you're getting your yearly Pap smear... That's it! I can already feel a difference and cannot wait to get my next two treatments.... READ MORE

Amazing Treatment - Austin, TX

I have always been amazed by Sciton. It is the best device on the market. I was scared at first not knowing what to expect when going in for the Diva treatment. I was greeted with kindness and a professional staff. I was told about the treatment that was only going to take less the 3 mins. I... READ MORE

60 Year Old, Mother of 4 - Houma, LA

Having Diva Laser treatments, has changed my life as a 60 year old woman. I am experiencing sexual pleasure as it was when I was much younger, no more pain from vaginal dryness. I was amazed that after the 2nd treatment, my husband even noticed a difference during sexual intercourse. I have... READ MORE

Life Changing Diva Vaginal Laser Treatment and O-shot - The Woodlands, TX

Life changing is not an understatement when sex used to be uncomfortable and now is wonderful. Treatments with hormonal creams barely made any difference with the pain associated with sex. Now after the 3 laser treatments, sex is back to when I was much, MUCH younger. It is good again! Great... READ MORE

DiVa for Vaginal Rejuvenation - Kansas City, MO

I paid $4000.00 for three treatments for vaginal rejuvenation. The first one I noticed immediately increased lubrication. The second treatment I notice increased lubrication, as well. I haven't had the third treatment yet. Sex has been much more pleasurable without a doubt. My first treatment... READ MORE

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