Is the diVa laser the best vaginal rejuvenation treatment available right now?

Is this the best treatment to restore vaginal health currently on the market? 

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Vaginal rejuvination

In my opinion to address issues from childbirth to Menopause issues, the diVa gives women  great options.

It's a fast procedure with minimal discomfort.  Our clients have been very happy with their results.

As far as your question of "is it the best option", we would want to have a consult to find out what your issues are, to be sure that this would be the best solution to your issues.

Diva leads the field for vaginal rejuvenation

As more vaginal rejuvenation treatments are performed, the differences between the various lasers are becoming more apparent. Aside from the obvious  - faster, better dilation and coverage, less poking/safer - the unique dual wavelength of the Diva allows for deeper resurfacing. The carbon dioxide lasers are limited by how deeply they ablate, so that after the first treatment, when the vaginal mucosa has already thickened, you get diminishing returns with each subsequent treatment. That doesn't happen with the Diva. 

I do combine platelet-rich plasma therapy with the Diva procedure, to aid with new collagen growth and blood vessels to nourish the tissue as it heals - this makes sense, since we use PRP after facial resurfacing and microneedling. 

Jessie Cheung, MD
Hinsdale Dermatologic Surgeon
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